Friday, January 11, 2013

It's 2013!! How did that happen??? Here we go... off on a New Year!   This time of year is both refreshing and overwhelming.  The big holiday season has come and gone and we're all heading down the road to This Season.  There's no more faking it... it's time. Time to get to work and take it seriously. That is, if we want to really knock it out of the park this year.

I just had a birthday. So... I guess that's cool.  I don't like that I'm older and yet, as the cliche says, it Is better than the alternative. And, I do take comfort in the fact that I could basically kick my younger self's arse if given the opportunity.  

My birthday was kind of odd this year.  I left home at 6:30 a.m. being chauffeured by my husband to the Doctor. Then, I spent the next several hours having my mouth reconstructed.  Mmmmmm, oral surgery. I had some periodontal grafting....basically, he took tissue from my palate and sewed it on to the gums on the bottom of my mouth. Just one side. I had this done 15 years ago too. Only then, I had 2 quadrants done at at time ( ultimately all 4) instead of one. I am sore and it hurts, but nothing like last time. Regardless... strange way to spend most of my birthday. I was pumped full of drugs and sent home to lounge in my PJs. That part was nice.  The rest of the day was better though. My kiddos came home and pampered me a bit. They felt sorry for me so I had lost of nice gentle snuggles and hugs and "ooohhhh Mommy does it hurt?"  Not bad for a gaggle of boys!!  They made me a yummy cake with ice cream and some soup for dinner. I was able to eat that so... success. 43 here I come. Ready or not. 

 First up ( for Triathlon) is Oceanside 70.3.  I've never raced out there and have NO idea what to expect but I am in need of new things for my racing at this point.  I want to race new people on new courses.  So off to Cali we go.  From there... I head to Texas.  Ironman Texas is in May and I'm toeing the line. I'm excited. Everyone asks me, why Texas?  Why not!!!  After racing Lake Placid twice and feeling rather fed up with the lack of hospitality from the locals there, I wanted a new venue. I love that it's in May ( although training will be a huge challenge that early in the season up here in Maine) so I can cross that off the list before the kids even get out of school.  ( that's another blog... oh baby are we all busy now with these boys!!!)  My Aunt lives in Houston so it's a great chance to visit her down there instead of up here. That is that! Bring on a challenge!!  From there... who knows. Time will tell.  But, I'm extremely enthused and ready to attack this year and my athletic goals. I have a new coach whom I trust 100% and feel so excited to be working with. I hired Doug Welling  at The Sustainable Athlete a few months ago and I feel so grateful that he has taken me on.  
Moving on from my plan this season, I have a huge blog post written in my head that will take more time than I have right now to write.  I've been stewing about this for months, actually. 

I have become more and more aware of a component in training and race preparation that is holding athletes back.  The Brain Game.  It is HUGE!!!!  I'm on the verge of starting to write this post because I can't hold back now... but I need to stop. 

Let' me just say this.  You can run. You can swim. You can bike and you can do planks until you're blue in the face.  But if you don't figure out how to keep your Head on... and stay tough and focused and mentally Stubborn when it comes to achieving your goals, you will not do it. You can't. If you set high goals, do the training physically, and then waiver... game over.
I believe this with all my heart. I've seen it and I've experienced it. All my life.  

You make it happen or you let the chance slip by because you faltered. Your choice.  

More to come  on this one.......