Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A new day

That's over with. I'm done being sick. It was a quick one but not so fun while it was here!!!!!! I went to bed really early again and woke up feeling much better.
Sleep is underrated.
I rarely get enough but when I do...........it's magic.

I've been thinking about Ironman a lot today.

I don't have any specific deep thoughts on it.

I've just been thinking things like:

oh my god, what am I doing?
I hope I can make it.
I hope I can run the whole marathon.
I wonder if I am eating the right foods day to day.
What will the training be like?
Will it rain? (anyone at IMLP Last year will get this one)

These sound like self-defeating thoughts for the most part. I see that. I do think those things but I also think these things:

I am tough.
I Will do it.
I can't Wait to tackle the bad ass training this will take.
I hope I see my family at the finish line.
I know I will attack this race and want more.

And when I let my mind really wander and get to that moment, I get teary just imagining myself crossing under the Ironman arches into the finisher's chute.

Bring it on 140.6

Monday, December 29, 2008

Hanging on

I'm still doing it. I'm still training despite this bug.
Can you sweat out a virus?
Remember people used to say that? Just "Sweat it out."
I am trying to do that.
I went to bed at 8:45 last night!! It felt great. I kept waking up because the night felt so long.
The alarm went off at 4:30 and I was feeling good. I headed to the pool and got a nice 3200 yd workout in. I thought I dodged the bullet. My husband was sicker than I yesterday although we were both pathetic. A few times our kids found both of us just laying on the run staring off into space. ( we have a new rug...it's very cushy so we like to lay on it.) Sad image huh.
Driving home I continued to feel good.
However, that ended mid morning. The rumbling started again. My head started to pound. I had zero appetite. But still, the body aches were better so I ignored it for the most part.
I was able to eat a nice healthy lunch. Yummy turkey (real turkey not deli meat) on toasted bread with avocado, tomato, and spinach. And I even had an orange! I must be cured. I had an appetite and I ate a Lot!
The kids headed out to play so I hopped on the treadmill.
Blah! It's back. My stomach is just ready to burst I am so so nauseus!! I hung on for 5 miles and then had to get off.
I remember being Really really sick one time my senior year in High School. I even missed a swim meet. That was Unheard of for me. And totally unacceptable to me. But I was horribly sick. I ended up coming back to practice too early. Our team was practicing at Bowdoin during Christmas break and I threw up in the locker room before we got in the pool. I had lost about 10lbs (not recommended for me at that time) and felt like a zombie swimming down the long course pool. Coach figured it out. He was Mad. I should not have come back yet. I wasn't better.
Other than that, I have almost always been told to suck it up. MOtor on. Unless you're 'dying', get out there and do the workout.
Is this wise?
I am sure tomorrow will be fine. And I will likely do the same thing. A swim in the wee hours and a bike on the trainer while the boys run circles around me.
It's not like I can go to bed! I still have to be Mom so therefore, why not throw in some workouts too!
Of course, I WILL be better tomorrow!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


We're all here just crusing along through the busy busy holiday week when..



First, my son went down. Middle of the night blues. Crying, headache, body aches, and then the dreaded: vomit. We ran down the hall together Hoping he'd make it to the bowl. Ohh....5 feet short. That always happens.

Next, my husband. Again, middle of the night. He Never gets up at night. But off he went. Scampering away. I knew. I waited. Sure enough. Sick. The shakes, headaches, body aches. He was up again 2 hrs later with no sleep between for either of us.

My turn. I haven't officially gotten sick yet. But...my lip keeps quivering. My stomach is not happy. Energy....yah right. Totally gone.

I'm staring at my bike on the trainer. I haven't been on that baby for a week now. Not good.

I am going to try anyway. Maybe it's in my head.

Friday, December 26, 2008


through the air.
that's me.
I keep Wiping out!!!
Darned ice.
I headed out for a short Christmas run yesterday and wham! Right in my driveway. Flat on my butt. I also hit my knee and it is SO sore and swollen and bruised. Very nice.
Today, I flew again. I was 1 mile into a 6 mile trek. I landed Hard on my ass again and it shook my whole brain. I'm sure I looked like a crazy cartoon character.
Despite my pain, I ran on. I had to focus on each and every step on my icy roads.
Ahh, winter in Maine.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December 24th, 2008


I hope 2009 is full of love, laughter, good health and joy.

May all your dreams come true.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I thought it would be worse...

I've gained 5 lbs. Guess it could be worse. I finally dared to stand on the scale today. It wasn't first thing in the morning but it was after a run. It was probably fairly accurate.
I was afraid to see the number.
I can lose that quickly right?
Probably if I stop sneaking those Mr. Goodbars from the Christmas candy dish.
And stop stealing sugar cookies that my kids decorated.
I am a little obsessive about my figure. Not really my weight. I haven't even stood on the scale since before Worlds. But I just Knew things felt a little different.
I hope I can find the right combination of food to make me feel good each day, to give me the energy I know I need, and to satisfy my simple joy in eating some foods. Like peanut butter. And chocolate. And coffee.
New Year's goal: lose 10lbs. Not goal #1....Goal #1 is personal. This weight thing is just one of my Tri goals. I want to be sleek and strong and ready to fly. Just get me to Dec. 26th and I Promise to stop eating treats!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Having some fun

I have been wondering what to post about lately. My training routine is not very interesting or exciting right now. I am swimming some, running some, biking a little. I'm just keeping myself going. I am enjoying the workouts. I am thinking about my stroke while in the water, I am holding a comfortable pace while on the roads, and I am just biking along in the playroom on my trainer. ( not sure how to make that fun yet.)

But boy am I having Fun! This past weekend was full of Christmas activities.

Thursday night Maine had an ice storm. The kids were let out of school an hour early and while most of the state hunkered down for a stormy night, we headed to the North Pole. You heard me. The North Pole.
We boarded the Polar Express in North Conway, NH and 30" later we were at Santa's workshop. What a blast. Elves surrounded my little boys and the magic was in full swing. Good times.
Friday was a snow day. Or an ice day. No school for the kids.
Saturday was Tommy's 7th birthday. He felt very special all day and we had a fun family day celebrating.
Saturday night was an annual Christmas party in my neighborhood. It is a beautiful event with lots of glitz and glamour. It's fun to get dressed up that way every now and then! Two of my neighbors (they are both in their 80s) even commented that they are not used to seeing me this way! They usually see me running circles aroudn the neighborhood with shorts and a pony tail.
And finally today was spent shopping with my family. I don't really like shopping, but it was fun to see the kids so excited about all the holiday decorations around.
I am thinking hard about my big season ahead but I am also taking time to enjoy this magical time of year. I have 3 small boys and I need to focus on them right now. I will bake cookies, Eat cookies, eat birthday cake with my boy, and train when I can.
Jan 1st is coming quick and I will hit things hard.
For now, I'm having some fun.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bring it on!!!

2009 HERE I COME!!!

A fresh start.
New perspective.
Big big goals.

I can't wait.

Meanwhile.......Christmas is coming. Holiday lights, decorative Santas, and excited little boys are ruling my house!!!

Enjoy the season everyone!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Here we go

It's time. It's time to rock and roll. I have officially ended my time off. I took 2 weeks with ZERO training Or exercise for that matter. The third week was scarce. I did a little of this and a little of that. Basically that amounted to 3 or 4 Easy runs no longer than 4 miles. I am ready now. I am eager to feel myself again. My training plan is still loose and easy. I am just starting to do some form of "training" every day. I swam 3500 yards the other day. It was my 3rd swim since Clearwater. I was sloooooooow. It still felt good. I even biked!!! On the trainer of course. Coach has me doing some drills so it wasn't too dreadfully boring. I have had a few cold refreshing runs. Just a little of this and a little of that.
I don't have much to write about.
My life is so busy despite the "off season." It's Christmas season and that means BUSY in a house with 3 kids. My middle son was born on the 13th. So we also have a birthday party this weekend and his "real" birthday next week. Our home is still under construction so I have zero privacy and lots of mess. That's ok. It's close. Soon we will be alone again. I feel like I live in a college dorm right now. I find myself drying my hair, applying makeup, and singing in front of these guys who were strangers not so long ago.
I am starting to create my 2009 race schedule. I am torn. My big focus of the year is Ironman Lake Placid. That is THE A Race. Everything else will have to "fit in" around that.
Here's the question. Should I do a Half before the Ironman? I have raced three 70. 3 races and two of them were in the same calendar year as the big kahuna. I also know that an IM is not the same as a double 70.3. There's more to it.
There's a race in CT on June 7th. I'd love to race it but don't want to take any of my energy away from July 26th. I just can't decide.