Friday, May 8, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. In no particular order

If they were in order, that would suggest some sort of organization in my life. And right now there is none.
Here goes:

  • Good- finishing a 85 mile ride and feeling good
  • bad-the utter pain of my frozen feet thawing out in the hot shower after said ride
  • ugly-swollen/red eyes from riding without glasses because of pouring rain
  • good-riding in a short sleeve shirt
  • good-sleeping in on Mother's day after 4:30a.m. wake up calls all week
  • good-hubby telling me to "take my time" on workouts
  • bad-that sweaty, sticky feeling when pullling my bike in the house after a long ride knowing I have to scramble to change into running shorts for a run. RIGHT NOW!
  • Good-3 miles into that run with the legs feeling strong
  • ugly - the dozens of scars over my body from crashes, surgeries, crashes, slips, bangs, and more clutzy moves I have made
  • ugly-my hair. The pulled back look is getting old. I think I "do" my hair maybe once/week
  • bad-walking into preschool dressed head to toe in workout gear/or sweats over them while most Moms are looking coiffed and pretty ....or is this Good? Hmmm
  • good-running around the house after a 72 mile hill ride, feeling fine
  • bad and probably ugly- the first 10 seconds of an ice bath
  • good-the next 9 minutes of the ice bath
  • good-post long brick meal!
  • bad- the 6th gel of the day on that long brick
  • ugly-the black circles under my eyes after my 3rd 20 hour week
  • good- ALL finish lines
  • good- the tempo runs that you nail
  • good-sub 1:10 100s
  • ugly-my face under the water hitting that sub 1:10!
  • ugly-goggle eyes for the next 2 hours
  • bad-Mommy smelling like chlorine for all her kid's morning hugs
  • g00d-finishing a long long workout that you dreaded and wondered if you would make. Finishing it and feeling stronger than when you started
  • good-knowing you can out run any other Mom dropping their kid off at school
  • ugly-the Dad's faces when/if they find out you can also outrun them
  • good-my husband being at peace with this
  • good-showing my kids how strong women can be
  • bad-dead legs
  • bad-running on dead legs
  • ugly-my face while running on those dead legs
  • good-a good night sleep + rest day
  • good-overcoming those dead legs and fighting back with even stronger legs
  • ugly-my ever enlarging quads...what the Heck??
  • ugly-my toes
  • bad-flats
  • bad-my fear of flats
  • bad-constant aching body parts and fear of injury
  • good-not being injured despite the worry
  • good-2.5 months to Lake Placid
  • Good-knowing I Will make it to the start line
  • Awesome-Imagining the feeling I will have when I make it to the Finish line

I know I forgot a lot. Please feel free to add your own.


IronMatron said...

good--Having great tri/mommy/h.s friends who get it--
I like this post!
bad--niggling little things like a little bit o' knee pain
good--looking in the mirror and thinking, Man! I'm f-ing fit!

Your quads are prettttty--at least to me. Mine are so little and refuse to get bigger. Grrrr.

Jennifer Harrison said...

PS I got your email, I will respond this AM - just got back from all the kid's stuff.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

LOVED THIS!!! so great, impressed that you are doing so well training - I am not suprised at all and thing you did a great job summing up everything. Seriously though, that mommy coiffed thing does drive me crazy - I think I have a widows peak in my hair from having it pulled back so tight in ponytails!!!