Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Forever young

I survived turning 40. Turns out, I was the same 'me' when I got up that day. The day itself was pretty good!! The first part of the day was pretty normal. I got up early and hopped on my bike. Jen had a 40 minute ride for me. (it was a 40-themed day.) I was just happy it wasn't 40 miles. Not long ago, that was a short ride. Now...not so much. Note the handy TV remote...it helps fight boredom. After that, I just got the kids ready for school. They all gave me birthday hugs and my 5 year old assured me that I wasn't old and shriveled up just yet. He crinkled his nose and said, "Mooooommmmmy....you can Still do the Same Stuff!!!" Yes, Nick, I can. And I will.

The boys were at school all day so I filled my day with more training!!! Of course! I enjoyed a 40 minute run. While out there I heard "Forever young" by Rod Stewart. I do love that song. It seemed appropriate that day. Even if it is about your kids moving off..... After that, wouldn't you know, it was a 40 minute ride to the pool. Now comes the real fun! I hit the water for 40x100. To my surprise, it went by pretty fast. I felt strong. I worked hard and savored the fact that I can still crank out 4000+ yards in the pool without blinking an eye. Not bad.....for a 40 year old. See...I think that's the problem with 40. That's it. It's not that I am out of shape and old, it's that people think of 40 as "old." Those of us who are 35 and up do not...but those younger do. From now on, instead of just being young and in my 30s, I have to Prove that even though I'm 40, I can still rock.

Mark did me a favor and picked the boys up from school and took them to their haircut and then to shop...for dinner. I had 3 hours AlONE in the house after I got home. Strange. It was quiet and I enjoyed it but once 5 p.m. hit I wanted them Home!! Here's a photo (albeit blurry) of them playing in the snow with the cats looking on.They headed out after they got home so mark could bake a cake and steam the Lobsters!! It was a fun evening. They spoiled me. I don't have a picture...but they all made me very sweet little cards. That's my favorite part each year.

Here's my cake. If you look closely you can see the 4-0 in the candles.

Mid-dinner Nicholas decided way too much lobster juice was running down his arms. He was itchy. So he just left the table and took a shower! Cracked me up.

The next night we went out to dinner with the kids, my parents and Mark's parents. We had fun. For some reason, all the pictures were blurry this time.

Now...one more birthday!! Mark's 40th is on Friday. Yes, we are only 7 days apart!! We'lll celebrate at home on Friday. But on SAturday---it's party hat time! We dragged our feet but decided to go out after all. We hollered at a bunch of friends and got a hotel room down in Portland. We'll spend a fun evening out with friends from High School, College, and from our current lives... we can't wait.
Now it's time to get on with Training!!
I took too long to upload those pictures. It's time for me to cook dinner. Sorry for the boring post.
more soon!!


Running and living said...

Happy Bday! Sounds like a great day. Love the 40 theme in the workouts! have fun this weekend!

Mary IronMatron said...

it wasn't boring at all! :)
Can't wait to party next weekend!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

WAY TO BRING IN YOUR 40s, Ange! So glad you loved the 40 themed workouts! I wanted to do 40 miles, but... :)) he eheeee.

Happy 40th to Mark! It is birthday week for all of us, eh? :)

Swimming for ME said...

Wahooo!!! You are better than the "same" now that you are 40.... you have done so much and have so many new challenges to conquer. Isn't it fun?
xxoo Alina

Michelle said...

What I find annoying are the comments from the non-active 40+ year olds. I guess if you aren't active, 40 is the magic number when body parts start falling off. That's where this conception that 40 is old comes from, is my guess. All the bitching and complaining about "once I turned 40, this hurt, that hurt, blah blah blah." "Just wait until YOUR turn 40, and all that swim/bike/run will have to stop."

It's fun to prove them wrong. :)

Beth said...

HA! I don't start considering people to be "older" until they are in their 80s. So you are just halfway to old! :)

Glad you are celebrating in style! And hope you have a great weekend with friends. :)

Marni said...

I love it!!! What wonderful things to do on your b-day :) You are young at heart and what you do, will forever keep you young!! Love the snow and kitties trying to get outside :)

Judi said...

i love jen's 40 themed w/o's. and 40x100? that's iNSANE!! OWWWWW!