Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Race Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been so so negligent with my blogging...things have been busybusybusy!!! And now, my brain is in pre-race mode which as my close friends not a stable place. So, my writing will most likely show this.

I spent the day packing for Sunday's Half Ironman. Does it take everyone hours and hours to pack?? I don't know why it takes me so long. In my defense, I am not just packing for myself. I am also packing for my 3 kids and a 5 hour drive with said boys. It takes thinking and planning!! (because I'm a little obsessed with being prepared and organized.) If the weather is cooperative, I can pack one outfit/day. But if rain or cool air is a possibility, there must be Options! And in order to have all their shorts, tshirts, jeans, pjs, warm shirts for dinners out, sweatshirts, bathing suits, etc etc ready, I must have all the laundry done. Of course, as I've elluded to before, my kids (and I) eat a lot. So I must plan for that. We have my cooler with pre-race food and snacks, sport drinks and gels, and their cooler with plenty of snacks, sandwiches and drinks for them! Sigh.....and then of course-race gear!! It just takes me all day.

Now, I am packed, the kids are in bed, my feet are up, and I am blogging. My husband is switching the brake pads on my bike, putting the bike rack on the car, and packing his own bag.

The first big race of the year. Rev3 70.3 in Middlebury, CT. I'm completely fired up and feeling strong and confident. It's's time to push the limits and put the hours and hours of training to good use. It's time to make all this worth it and have some Fun! ( the training IS fun...but racing is even better.)

I can honestly barely focus long enough to write this.... my mind is going 100mph right now while I think about the race. Yes, my mind is already on the race.

This was about the most boring post ever but I can't focus more than that right now. Here's the deal---I've been training hard and it's been going pretty well. I feel good. I'm totally excited and ready. A Race Number 1 is here and I'm ready to hit it hard and give it all I have.

Full report coming soon.....


GoBigGreen said...

Good luck!!! Nice chattin with you:)

Kelly said...

I will try to look for you in Quassy...I'm racing the half as well. Have a wonderful race and weekend with your men!!

Beth said...

GOOOOO Ange!!! Have a blast!! And yes, it takes me FOREVER to pack and I don't have 3 children to pack for either - just myself!! :)

FFigawi said...

Good luck Ange! Go kick some ass!

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