Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Long lost blog

Oh summer vacation......

I have neglected my blog entirely!!!! Summer is just fast and furious around here! I have "written" numerous posts in my head and yet, stringing together more than 20 quiet minutes seems to be a challenge this summer. You see.... as a working / stay home Mom I am being yanked in too many directions. I'm trying so hard to be relaxed and carefree for the kiddos so we can do lots of fun special summery activities!!  But man, it's tough!!!  Not to mention, training. I'm training for the 70.3 Worlds in just a few weeks.  It is creeping closer and closer and I am Hoping I am ready to rock!!!

There's lots to tell about and more to talk about, but it will mostly have to wait.  I did race our local Sprint Tri back in July.. The Norway Tri. Both my husband and I did it and we were joined but a bunch of friends.  I had a pretty good day and won the race.  It was fun.  Mark and I also raced the big annual Beach2Beacon 10K road race last week in my hometown, Cape Elizabeth.  Mark crushed the course with a PR of 39:12 but sadly ran his way to his first ever Med Tent visit. He was steaming with a 106 core temp!!! Scary. I was there to see him in and talked to him throughout so I knew he was ok.  I was only 20 sec off my PR which made me totally psyched since I am not training for a 10K run right now.  I managed a 40:51 and a 1st in my age group! That made me completely excited since the race is pretty big and full of pure runners.  I was happier with my splits which after an opening 6:00 mile 1 (eek... but still fun to see.. )  I held strong at 6:30give or take for the remainder.  FElt good about that... practiced a tempo-like feel to prep for my 13.1 coming up.  It was HOT HOT HOT that day too so I was especially pleased.

Otherwise... we're at camp, we're at track, we've done beach days, golf days, work days, all day on the bike days,  and a few other things I can't seem to remember now!!!

Summer is really anything BUT a vacation honestly. At least for me.  Fun things but we are always on the go go go.....!!!! And, while the boys had their big Track State meet on Sunday, soccer season starts Today! I'm not happy. ONE week. That's all I wanted. ONE week off.
Not going to get it. Maybe in November.

So next week.... I become the Mother of a Teenager, I'll attend a Def Leppard concert with said boy turning 13 ( would have been MY dream as a 13 year old I have to say, loved that band back in 1983) and I will race.  REV3 Olympic at Old Orchard Beach Maine!

And, then school starts and I will blog away with all sorts of more important ( in my mind :) )  things to discuss!!!

Happy August!


Mary IronMatron said...

It has been such a busy summer... totally crazy! You are going to be awesome at Worlds... I really can't wait to see you kill it! And I get to see you kill it in 2 weeks at OOB TOO!

GoBigGreen said...

GLad to have you back. You are a good well written blogger. Your's is one i look forward too, remember Ange "Quality not Quantity"

cost per head said...

It is nice that you enjoyed your vacation and you came back to the blog. So I don't see a problem with it.