Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's up??

It's winter in Maine... This is the time of year that some Mainers get antsy. "Come on Spring! Enough is enough!"  Things like that... 
Honestly.. it sort of drives me crazy.  I mean... it IS only February. We Do live in the most Northeastern State of the U.S. Snow sports and recreation are a huge part of Maine's tourism industry and there are numerous businesses that rely on snowy weather to put meals on their table in July. 
Besides, quitcha belly achin..... I think my Dad used to say something along those lines. Or maybe, it was Mom. Either way, there was low tolerance for whining and complaining around my house.  
I know it can be cold, I know it can be windy and harsh, I know shoveling can be hard and driving is slower... but really.... there are also 101 fun things to do in the snow. So go do them. :) 
Last weekend, we did just that.  ( Well.. we do it every weekend but last weekend was particularly snowy and particularly fun.) A few little shots of my gang. 

I decided to break the mold of my typical Tri Season and sign up for some EARLY early season races. Hmm.... I'm starting to wonder what I was 'on' when I decided that.
Because... it's the EVE of March 1st. And, California's 70.3 Athlete Guide arrived a few days ago.
= Heart palpitations!!!! seriously.. my heart skipped a few beats.

Scary. Why is it scary? Well... as I started this blog, it's Winter in Maine. And I DO love winter. I do. I love it. We have fun. The snow is great. I never growl if it snows.
That being said.....
I can Not ride my bike outside. And it's highly likely I will not before I travel out west on 3/27.
uh oh.....

well.... I think I'll be ok. Right? Someone, tell me I'll be ok. This is new territory for me.

Otherwise... training is going well. Better each week... step by step. I have bad workouts sprinkled in there but overall, I'm feeling stronger on the bike, faster on the roads with less effort and in the pool.... not too bad.  It's coming along. I need to keep the faith, remember where I've been and have confidence in what I can do.

4 hrs on the trainer tomorrow!!!!!
Work now & it pays off on race day.
I just keep remembering that. If I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it right.


Angela and David said...

You'll kick arse! I never road my bike outside before racing there a few years ago and had the fastest AG bike split. Trainer rides make you tough! And you are just so d*mn happy to be outside you don't even notice the suffering.

Mary IronMatron said...

OH, you'll be fine not having ridden outside. I think the trainer is HARDER than riding outside! But it will be weird I bet.
And I so completely appreciate the sentiment that if you're going to do it, do it right.
YEP. That is exactly how I feel! I can't wait to see you kick ass in this race. xo