Saturday, September 7, 2013

2013- The year of taking risks

This is my 8th year racing triathlons. I am not counting the small one I did in college, the super crazy hard race in Camden I did back in.... 1992? I'm not sure when it was. I raced on my mountain bike that I used in College to get around to classes and generally had no clue what I was doing. It was also a Longer than normal Oly if I remember correctly-- not sure of the swim, 28 mi bike up some very hilly terrain ( on Mtn bike in sneakers!) and then a run ...8 miles? I might be making this up. I really don't know! What I do know is I had a buddy holding a towel up around me at T2 so I could Change my clothes!! Seriously. I might have even done that after the swim too.  Hmm...

Anyway.... I had done a few triathlons before what I now think of my official first race back in 2006.

What is my point? Forgive me, I have pre-race brain today. It's a gorgeous Saturday. The weather is perfect. It's sunny, warm but not hot, no humidity... ahh...
However, I am banished to the couch. Trust me. This is not a bad thing! I looked forward to it all week in fact. Oh the thought of getting up late, eating pancakes until I was stuffed, getting back into sweats/ pjs after my pre-race warm up workout and then Laying there all day quite lovely.  It's just that the reality of that is a wee bit different.  You know, it's that busy family with 3 boys thing.  I am at home laying on my backside with life happening around me  and it isn't quite as relaxing as I had envisioned. I'm making it happen though! I just finished my 2nd force yourself to eat lots of white food meal ( meal 1 is so yummy with too many pancakes but by meal 2, ick)  and had the TV on "inspiration station" and learned how to draw a very cute little lady bug.  {There is NOTHING on TV On Saturday afternoon!!} Also, I am a bit confused about why I feel so sleepy. I was in bed by 10:15 and got up at 9:00!! That is unheard of. I blame it on my laziness combined with loads of simple carbs. I'm not feeling super sparky at the moment!

Back to my point-- Risk taking!!
This is my year for that.  I didn't fully intent for it to start that way, but here we are. And that's my M.O. now. Here's why-- after 8 solid years in the sport, it was time to mix it up a bit. Try new races. Take on new competitors. Do my best in harder conditions in far away unknown lands. After all, that's what makes us stronger, right? Hope so...that's what I'm going with.
Let's see... I kicked off 2013 in March in  California! I went to Oceanside early in the season for a 70. 3. Training for that amidst our snowy ski season wasn't easy! But I did it, and I won our age group. Yes!
From there, it was onto a training camp with strangers ( now some new friends!) in Texas.

The biggest challenge to date, Ironman Texas. Brutal day. The environmental conditions were about as far away as those we see in Maine as I could get. Especially in May. I made it through and while I didn't log my fastest Ironman and a few problems were part of the day, I did get 3rd in my age group.  I walked away with my head held high and felt proud of overcoming some very tough  racing.

My summer was rather mellow but now it's revving up ( ha, no pun intended ) again. I had a blast at our local Norway Tri in July and then a 10K race with the Beach2Beacon early August. (those hurt... short stuff hurts!!)

But now, it's 'back to back' Half Ironmans. The Rev3 2 weeks ago was a good race for me. Tomorrow, I hope for a repeat. I'll head to the Pumpkinman Half (ummm... driving out of the yard at 3 a.m.!! ouch! Is that one of my risks? :) ) This one has a twist though.  I'm racing in the Elite division. At Pumpkinman, they allow some of us age groupers into that mix. I'm not a Pro but will be racing against a few of them. I'll also be racing a few fellow age groupers who are Fast and honestly, I'm not sure I've ever raced before.  It will be a tough fight!!!  I've had a rough week... personally and physically. I've had to work to turn my body back into race -ready fighting shape but I'm just about there. A few more hours of this chill-time and I'll be 100% ready to go.

I'll close this post out now since I clearly could babble on and on and as I lay here trying to enjoy my boredom.

Next up-- tomorrow's race report and then the plan for my final big risk taking adventure of the year!


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