Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back to where it all started.

I just turned 44 a week ago today. My Birthday is just 7 days after New Year's and 7 days before my husband's  Birthday. ( Happy Birthday Mark! )

While I enjoy having fun on New Year's and celebrating the past year and the possibilities ahead, my Birthday is when I truly reflect and plan. 

This week, I have decided it's time to plan my races for the season. You see, I am floundering a little right now. For the first time since starting the sport of Triathlon, I am on my own. I am coach-less. That's a whole other blog. Or maybe not. My reasons are plentiful and yet I am not sure I'm happy here 'by myself.' It's hard. I am a Coach to others and find that comes very naturally but I can literally Stare at my blank training log for way way too long and then just click X because I have no idea where to start. 
It's a little bit of a mystery. I am absolutely internally motivated. That's not the problem. 
But it's getting better. I am beginning to make sense of myself and the direction to take.  

This is a big year for me. I'm going back to Kona. I won't say I'm "lucky" because I worked my TAIL OFF To get that spot. There really wasn't any luck involved. Ok, I guess I was Lucky that the 2nd place age group winner passed up her spot in Cozumel. I stand corrected. That was lucky. 

Moving on-- 

I made a race plan, finally. 

I think it's just right.  I have a nice mix of old and new. Just like the song. "Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and other gold."  

I am going to kick off the race season with a New race ( to me ) that's been on my Bucket list for a while.
Eagleman 70.3!!!!  I'm totally excited about this.  That's in June.
I have a gap... From June 8 --- August 17th--- I'm not sure what to do there. 
I will likely run a 10K with my son on the 4th of July again. And, I may do my hometown 10K that's grown to be this mega-race that's hard to get into ( Beach2Beacon ) 

Here's where I go back in time a bit and I think it's the right thing to do given my unknown future beyond this season --- 
Timberman 70.3!  This was my FIRST Half Ironman way back when. I raced there with Mary just 8 months after my shoulder surgery to fix up my rotator cuff post- bike crash. I remember being SO Nervous and quite frankly, scared, to go that distance. It was an overwhelming feeling that day! I still remember.... 

I think I should go back and tear it up. Go after that course and show myself what I've accomplished and grown into over the years in this sport. The more I think about it, the more I like this plan. {Even if it IS a hard hard time to leave camp in the summer right before school starts... :( that part is very hard. } 

Next up, I am thinking about another old Favorite that I haven't raced in years but was one of my first Triathlons. The Lobsterman Oly in my "other" hometown of Freeport, ME. 
My husband has done it annually and I have sat out and cheered for various reasons.  I think it's time to go back..... 

From there... It's all about Hawaii. In fact, the whole season is all about Hawaii but now I have some stepping stones placed to help keep me fresh and sparky for that big day.  

NOW --- time to get at it & Train!!! 

T- 40 minutes to  Power Test #1 of the year.  


Jennifer Harrison said...

EAGLEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES! 40-44!!!

KMichaud said...

Yay! I'm be at Timberman for the first time this year! I'll be glad to see a friendly face. :-)

Michelle Simmons said...

We def need to stay in touch this year as we coach ourselves! So far I am enjoying it though I will say I am doing less work than when I am being coached... though so far I think it's exactly what I need. :) Cool you have your year planned out! I'm only planned through May. :)

Mary IronMatron said...

Yay! Of course now I want to go to Timberman, too! :)

JB said...

Eagleman! Me three for 40-44! But I'll be a long way behind you two speedy ladies :)