Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer Vacation!

I've been neglecting my blog and my blog friends. I'm so sorry!! I have been reading a few entries here and there and miss keeping up with you all. Summertime is here and we are never home!!
After returning home from Lake Placid, my training has gone well. I wasn't overly tired from the trip or extra miles and I was able to hammer out a few great workouts last week.
Yesterday we headed to Freeport, Maine for our annual Fourth of July cookout at our family's cottage at the coast and last night we camped out with the kids for the First time!!! We had tons of fun. The boys were so excited. We'll hit Lake Placid again in two weeks for 3 great nights of camping. But I'll be able to share that experience with my friend IronMatron Mary!!! :)
Now we're home and packing up again. Tomorrow we move to "the island" for our week long summer vacation. My husband's parent's have a camp on Sebago Lake in Southern Maine where we'll live for a week. Lots of fun in the water is what it amounts to. However, there's no power. So, no computer. I will surely miss keeping in touch with everyone and reading about your adventures.
One week from tomorrow I'll race another sprint Tri and will be back Monday to report on that. I'm excited for the race. There will be lots of friends, it's my hometown area, my husband will join me, and it's a relatively Low pressure event. Yah right....I Always find a way to put pressure on myself.
Enjoy early July everyone!!!
Talk to you again next week!!


Judi said...

I miss reading everyone's training. I am such a blog dork, I post everyday, even if I ride a century. But seriously, have a great vacation, and say hi to Mary for me. Miss her posts too - wish I was east so I could train with all you kick ass women.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

So happy you are getting family time in the great outdoors - do you need a babysitter while you r there - I sure would like to come, oops, wait a minute forgot had kids. Darn! Have fun and get in some more 100+ cycling rides!

Alina said...

Don't know if you'll get this before you leave, but anyway you could swim Friday morning? Hope to see you Wednesday... have fun with your family and if all else fails I'll be cheering for you Sunday!

IronMatron said...

Hi ! I haven't been posting or reading either! So busy! But good busy--vacation busy. Can't wait to see you in a week! Yeah for racing in Maine!

Anonymous said...

Are you coming or going because I just can't tell? HA!

Sounds like you are enjoying your summer! I'm glad to hear the training is going well. Keep up the great work!

Marni said...

Have a great trip!!!