Monday, August 18, 2008

A few pictures of our day....race report will appear soon....

These all loaded backwards!! Scroll down to start in order.
Here I am post 70.3. Not a pretty picture but I'm SO happy in the cooling tent with my wet towel, medal and freeze pops. More on that later!
Half way done with the run...

Heading out for my run.

Getting closer....the smiles are a little more forced here. At least I can see through them to our nerves.

I love this one. This race was so much fun because Mary and Andy were there. Here we are moments before the swim. We were looking fairly relaxed!

5 a.m. race morning...all smiles on the outside. On the inside, my stomach was churning and I was Nerrrrrvous!!!!


IronMatron said...

I think you were the 2nd female amateur, Ange! Did you see that???
I was so nervous in those pre-swim pics! But I knew it would be good and fun--and well, the swim was good and fun, huh? And maybe the bike too? Unfortunately it will be awhile before I can render that run fun in my memory! ha ha!
You rocked! So psyched for Clearwater!
(though right now I'd rather go down there and just go to the beach rather than compete again...:)

Anonymous said...

Great pics! If you were nervous, you didn't look like it. I can't wait to read that race report. You rocked!!

See you in Clearwater!

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO!!! You did awesome...I'm so excited for you :)

Kim said...

ANGE, CONGRULATIONS! you are spectacular, i am so happy for you!