Thursday, August 14, 2008

State of Mind

Have you ever been in a race and thought, "Ugh....I'm so tired. I think I'll just back off a bit. Who cares anyway? It's just a race. This just wasn't my day. So what. I can't always go that fast." blah blah blah.
You know, this happens to me at some point during almost every race.
But you know what, I fight back. With this:
"What the hell are you saying? You Go Girl! You've worked so hard. Your legs are strong. A little fatigue won't kill you! Rest when you're done. You've fought through the pain before, do it again. It's hard for everyone right now. What makes you think you can rest? Fight fight fight!"

It's a mind game for me. I don't know if I'm alone here or not. I imagine some superstar athletes out there have their Lazy Racing Demon hidden so far in their minds that she doesn't have a chance to emerge during competition. I could use a little injection from Michael Phelp's supply of confidence.
It's not that I don't have confidence. I do. I know I can work hard with the best of them. I know it. It's maintaining that strength when things get tough.
It's been a great season. I've raced a lot and I've raced well. I'm very satisfied with how I've performed this year. It's rewarding to do well after putting in hours and hours each week. This triathlon adventure is a high maintenance hobby. It takes thought. It takes discipline. Money. Time. Patience. Grit. Consistency. Day after day after day. We all know what it takes. I imagine anyone reading this has made their own sacrifices and fought their own battles to get to the starting line prepared for the big day. It's been a fun journey but it hasn't been easy every step of the way.
That's what makes the finish line feel Oh SO Good!!!
Sunday is my big day. It's the race that I have focus on all summer. My body is ready. I have put in all the time in the water and on the roads. My muscles have been worked and now they are rested.
But is my Mind ready? That's what it's all about at this point. 100% state of mind. It's time to believe. To feel strong--inside my head. It's time to hide my lazy demon and fight the urge to let her surface in the middle of the race. I can not let her come to get me. Things will get tough out there. But I can do this. I can feel the pain and savor it. I will savor the fact that my body can overcome the discomfort and reach a new level on the race course.
After all, if it was easy, everyone could do it.
Game on....


Jamie said...

I get that little demon whispering in my ear from time to time as well. Best wishes for this weekend! You're going to kick some major butt! Look forward to the report.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, are strong physically AND mentally and will be awesome!

IronMatron said...

I think the lazy demon actually is rather smart--and maybe not that lazy, just practical. She still needs to be annihilated during races, though!
You have such grit when it comes to racing. I imagine your "lazy demon" gets put right where she belongs when she tries to surface during a race! You are mentally ready for this race as well as physcially. It's going to be a great race!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Have a great race out there on Sunday - Think Strong!!! You will do great! I might be going to bed in Las Vegas (last night vacation b4 reality again) at the same time you are getting up in the a.m. - how wierd!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Ange!! GOOD luck on Sunday - race hard and lay it all out there - and GET after it....leave nothing out there....nothing!
I'll be watching you guys online! Can not WAIT! Lots of friends/bloggers out there - sounds like fun! Jen H. :)

mconley342 said...

Good luck on the Timberman Ange. You & Mary are going to blow them out of the water. You are physically and mentally reading.

Swimming for ME said...

You can't relive the day so race so you'll have no regrets! Do what you can and forget the rest.
Have a great day -- and just think of Dara Torres if you get tired.

Swimming for ME said...

Okay SCRATCH my previous comment.... think Phelps in the 100 fly!!!! It's never to late to push it! Go Ange!