Friday, February 13, 2009

Random things about my week

This week has been up and down. We all have those. I have a few moments that have forced me to take a deep breath and just go with it. It's February. Losing 45 min in the pool isn't going to change my season. Not at all. But losing 1 1/2 hrs of sleep because of that will change my day!

Here's what happened. I was tired. But, I had stuff to get done. Just like we all do. I had been awake well before 5 several days in a row. Last Saturday I was up before 4 a.m. for a long group bike ride. Well worth it but it sort of kills my energy for a few days. I am turning over a new leaf and trying to get more sleep though.

Anyway, I pulled myself out of bed at 4:30 to get to the pool. I could have gone during the day, but this would be more efficient. I had the scariest drive there. THICK fog. I could not see 1 foot in front of me and I almost went off the road a bunch of times. 5:20 and I'm in the water. All is good. I had a little over an hour to swim and I felt great. 5:45-lights out! The power went out in the pool area! Shoot. I stood up and watched the 30 HS scramble out of the water screaming like they were going to be attacked by the monster in the dark deep end. I laughed. There was 1 teeny tiny emergency light on in the pool area so I kept going. I've known the guy who guards there since I was a HS swimmer myself. He said it was ok. I had a yellow cap on. I wasn't going to get up at 4:30 a.m for 1500 yards! I swam and swam and barely took any rest. I was on a mission. I know my time was limited. At 5:55 he said I had to get out. The emergency lights were on battery and they would shut off soon. Sad. Sad. Tired me. Ok, I regrouped and headed out. As I walked out of the building, the lights came on. I should have stayed in bed. I rarely say That after I do a workout in the morning. But this time, it was true. That sleep would have been way more valuable than 1+ hrs of driving for 2000 yards.
Maine had some freaky warm weather this week. I am typically not a fan of warm winter weather. It just usually makes things feel dirty and slow. But it's been very bitter this winter and when the sun popped out with temps in the 50s on Wednesday, I was one happy girl. It felt amazing. I went out for a run. I stripped off 2 layers, threw my headband and gloves on the ground, and actually felt like my legs could move again!! I really need that run. It reminded me that I am getting stronger and when it counts, I will move fast again. It was perfect. A perfect spring day in February.

Kids. I have to stick stuff in here sometimes about them. They make me laugh. they make me nuts at times too but they are funny little people.

My 7 year old, Tommy, watched Nick making Valentines for his class the other day. Nick is 4. Tommy said, "Nick, are any girls in your class hot?"

what did he just say?

Nick had no clue and probably wanted to say something about the sweater little Olivia wore two days ago.

I casually asked Tommy. "where did you hear that expression? "

"At School."

I said, "what does it mean?"

"It means you're pretty."

Oh, ok. I just smiled at him and avoided makign a big deal.

Then, with the sly grin that Tommy does best, he said, "Mommy, You're hot."

Ohhhh, that boy. He knows how to work it doesn't he! What a riot.
Tomorrow is a 5K race. I think I have done one 5K! How can that be? I'm looking forward to going down for a quick little run. I need to run fast tomorrow. I need this. It's not a big race to me at all. I just need to have a successful fast run and head into next week ready to rock. This will be the last race I do until Tri season kicks off in May.
Happy Valentine's Day to all.


IronMatron said...

That's so funny about Tommy. What a little charmer! :)
I hear you about the sleep. It's a constant problem. Sleep or workout? BOth are so important in the big picture. I panic at not missing a work--but I too need to remember that it won't break my season. Still, it's tough to let it go.

Pedergraham said...

Oh boy...three boys! Kids come up with the greatest things. Lelia was just singing a Valentine's song downstairs about sweet. I should have recorded it and played it back to her in 10 years when she is 14 and grounded for breaking curfew. I hope that you have a nice 5k...and hope the lights stay on in Maine!

MaineSport said...

There will be plenty more testing workouts and days on your way to IMLP. Sometimes you just need to get through them. Fast, slow, on plan or not, just finish it. Remember these are not only workouts for your physical self, but also your mind and spirit. Especially in the Maine winter. When you have days like this, the "workout" might not be successful, but when you're done, put it away in the vault. When you're at mile 10, 11, 12....22 of the run in LP and you're hating life, take those workouts out of the vault. Anyone can show up and do a race or a workout. But not anyone has the mental capacity to get through the tough moments. Those vaulted workouts will give you great strength out there. Then when you hear "You're an Ironman," it will all be worth it. Keep it up.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

I felt like you were writing a diary about my life this past week as well. No one showed up to open our pool for Masters on Wed, so missed swim. And, always my biggest challenge is should I workout (get up 4:30 a.m.) every day or sleep? It's amazing how well you are doing for little time to recover and rest!

Swimming for ME said...

You handled that one well. I am not sure what I would have said or done!
And in the sleep vs. workout debate, I vote for SLEEP.