Friday, February 27, 2009

Rolling along...

I am boring right now...not much to talk about.

I don't have any deep thoughts.
No race reports.
Nothing juicy to talk about.

I'm just rolling along with my life.
My 3 little boys continue to amaze and challenge me. I am more in love with them each day. I am in more amazed by them as time goes by. And yet, they continue to drive me bonkers more than I can express. Ahhh....little boys. they are just so FULL OF IT!!!! And yet, they make my days so happy and full of joy. Never a dull moment around here!

Training is great. I am adjusting very well to the load I think. When I started with my awesome new coach, Jen Harrison, back in January, I admit I was suffering. I was tired. Worn out. Don't get me wrong. I was So fired up to get going with the season, but it was tough at first. I had been on a break for a month or so since Worlds so I wasn't very fit.
It's almost March and I'm feeling great. My running feels much smoother, stronger, faster. Swimming is amazing. I feel sharp in the water. I feel long and strong. I'm swimming 200s about 8+ seconds faster than in December. As my kids say, Sweet. And biking. Well, who Knows?? :) Its' trainer riding. But I'm chugging along and getting some nice long rides in lately. Long for trainer rides anyway.
The point. I feel great. I am enjoying the work and prepared to keep building.

I'm in Maine. Now, I am a true Mainer at heart. I absolutely love, no Need, 4 seasons. I really do. I'll spare you why I love each and every season but let it be known that I will always live where I can enjoy the seasons.
That be said, ENOUGH OF WINTER ALREADY!!!!!!! I mean, come ON! It snowed TWO FEET here the other day! That is actually Underestimating what we got here in our yard. I kid you not. TWO FULL FEET OF White stuff on Top of the piles we already had. It was a gorgeous snowfall. Stunning. I got the camera out immediately. But, since then the temps have risen. It was almost 50 today! Which would be nice if all that snow wasn't turning brown. And get this. It's raining right now. Blek. I hate winter rain. It is so so ugly. Fog, mist, damp, wet, brown, snow.
So what am I going to do about it????

I'm throwing all 5 of us on an airplane to SUNNY SAN DIEGO! Woo HOO!!!! 6 a.m Sunday we are Out Of Here!!! I can hardly wait. I will be running in shorts, Biking on a Road on a bike that moves for the first time since well, October! Or was it September? Not sure. And the best... I will be swimming Outside in a 50 meter pool! Oh my gosh. So psyched.
Packing for 5 for a week on the other side of the country has earned me a vacation I must say.

Next time I check in...I plan to be 3000 miles away with the wet snowpants and boots out of my mind.



Swimming for ME said...

Have a great trip --and please take a picture of that pool and post it for all of us stuck in Maine!

Marni said...

Enjoy your trip and some warmness!
I feel the same way about training. At first, I felt so slow, heavy and tired. Now it is all coming together! You will have a great IM season!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Have a GREAT time in the sun, Ange!

IronMatron said...

Have fun you lucky dog! :)

MaineSport said...

Have a great trip! I can't wait to go outside without all of the crap we have to put on. While you're out there, you should go ride Palomar Mt.- part of Stage 8 of the Tour of California. It's a classic ride out there.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Yeah!!! You are doing great in your buildup to IM Placid, I am so impressed. Enjoy training OUTSIDE!