Friday, October 9, 2009

Kona pictures....

Leaving home....we miss you boys!!!!
walking to my morning swim

Nat and Mark - our support crew

gorgeous view from Mary Lou and Nat's condo

I took this picture while chatting with coach Jen.

I got to sit and chat with Pro Bree Wee....I hope she has a Great day on Saturday! Thanks for hanging with me Bree!!

15 miles from Hawi...getting ready to test drive the Queek K

Full rainbow last night...good luck moment #2 The Maine ladies: Mary Lou Lowrie (her daughter on her left) , Kim Cole (her daughter in picture too) and me


Marni said...

love the pics!!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Have fun, work HARD - as I know you will and most of all enjoy the moment!

IronMatron said...

Blah!!! The pics are awesome and you are only 14 hours away from the start of the race! Wahoo! Kick ass, Ange!

Judi said...

looking fit and race ready girlie. can't wait to see how you do. :)