Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The weekend in pictures

After spending some time thinking about a more serious blog I was about to post, I decided my brain was not ready to put it into words. It's really not as intense as that makes it sound, but I am pondering a lot of new things that are important to me. Life changing decisions. Exciting prospects. And at the same time, a tad scary.
Instead, I decided to post a few pictures from our weekend. I have not been training. At all. Not even a little. I did go for a few super short and ridiculously easy runs. Or actually jogs. Trots? You get the point. I get up no earlier than 6:00. I shower in the morning. Sometimes, gasp, as soon as I get out of bed! I did that today and it was weird. For those of you on the crazy triathlete training plan, I know you understand. Some days I shower2 or maybe 3 times when I'm training. But Never upon waking. Never ever. Amazing how this simple thing can result in an entire paragraph. Saturday was cold, dark, and rainy. We planned ahead and reschuduled the soccer game. (benefit of being the coach) I saved all the Halloween 'tasks' for Saturday. I captured most of them in the shots below. What got left out? Well, while cleaning up the mess from project #1,the faucet handle pulled off the sink? I was standign there with the faucet in my hand calling (ok, hollering) for my husband to HELP! About 2 minutes after that lovely event, the power went out. Three boys, cold / rainy day, many projects ahead that had to be done 'or else' and suddenly no lights. Grrr. I tried to smile. I admit it was hard at first. Luckily, all of these problems were fixed before anything was too serious. close one. I also forgot to record my costume making efforts. Half the day was spent making a Robot costume for Tommy. We'll be sure to get pictures of that on Saturday.
Elizabeth (http://www.elizabethfedofskyblogspot.com/) posted some pictures on facebook last week of some ghost cookies she made. I told her I was going to copy them. And I did. YUM!!! Nutter butters...indulgence #78 I've managed to enjoy during this 'break' from training.

A nice easy Halloween treat for the kids to make.

We didn't have mini M&Ms. The boy's uncle mistook them for frogs. oh well. They tasted really good.

our new kittens are good friends and apparently these boys tire them out! Harley is gray and Fireball is yellow.

Pumpkin carving is serious business in our house. It causes little boys to strip their shirts and get serious. Nick is proud of his "scary pumpkin." Mommy was just relieved she did it right!

The final results. Pretty creative bunch huh. :0)

Tommy's last soccer game. Mark coached his team this year. That's him jumping in the air with the red 'pinny' and below looking into the sun. It's tough to get good action shots on the soccer field when the kids are all 6 & 7 years old. They travel just travel in one big pack.

That's that. I'll organize my brain for the next post soon....


IronMatron said...

We are making the same cookies! Did you use white chocolate for the white? ELF has no idea how she inspired all of us... haha!
Love the pics. We still haven't carved.
Love the kitties.

Ange said...

mary, yes I used white and dark chocolate.so yummy

rungirl said...

First ... let me know how you keep your hair in decent shape with 2-3 showers a day. I still haven't figured it out! Second ... isn't it great to just be normal once in awhile? (but only for a short period of time.) Great pics.

Beth said...

HAHA!! I had to laugh at the "shower when you first get out of bed". I've never thought of it but you are totally right. Shower first thing in the morning is strictly an off-season activity. :) Sounds like you guys are enjoying yourself. Happy Halloween!! :)

Marni said...

What cute cookies!! How fun for the boys! I love all the pics and the new kitties look so precious!!

Judi said...

your kids are so cute!