Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This post might not make much sense!

I have been so busy and scattered lately!! I can't seem to remember what I need to do from one minute to the next. When growing up, I remember hearing comments about 'avoiding holiday stress.' I couldn't imagine! Christmas was the BEST season ever!! I loved all the hoopla! And for the record, I still do. I love the lights and the songs and the excitement over Santa. I get into it. But as a Mom of 3...I now understand the stress. My goal each year is to CHILL OUT and just go with it. Yah.....that doesn't happen with me too much. I'm just way too type A and revved up most of the time. I can't deny that. As I approach 40, one thing I can Not do is deny who I am. It's just me.

I can't compose a meaningful post today. I have too many random things going on right now. So I won't try. A few bullets from my brain these days.

  • I'm not ready to be 40. It doesn't sound right to me. I did an Ironman in July this year so I could say I was an Ironman before I turned 40. It didn't help.

  • I hope Tommy and his friends had fun at the Secret Agent party last weekend. I worked really really hard on it. I'm not a creative person and it took me many hours to put the activities together. Many of the things I had planned, we didn't even use. The kids couldn't focus that long. That was a bummer. But most of all, I really hope my little boy had fun. He said he did. I hope he was being sincere and not polite.

  • My foot is better. I can run 2.4 miles without pain now. But I'm so slow. SO SLOW! I see the doc on Friday and Pray he says I'm good to go. I really really need to go outside and run without fear.

  • I am realizing I don't kick very much when I swim. When I pull 100s I am only a teeny bit slower than when I swim them. Hmmm. I think it is actually ok for triathlon swimming. I save my legs for the biking and running. However, I will be racing Faster this summer and think I can step it up a notch with the ole' kick. I need to work on this.

  • I love my new Splish suits. I wore one today and it made me feel faster in the pool. there is nothing like a tight new suit.

  • One of my favorite things is coming down early early in the morning, when the house is still dark and quiet, and turning on the Christmas tree lights.

  • why can't I ever get my shopping done? Perhaps it's because I don't love shopping.

  • I wanted to run the 10 mile road race in Cape in February. I was very unhappy with my race last year and had hoped to hit it hard in 2010. Now, I'm not so sure I can do that. This stress fx injury has really hit me hard.
  • The High school kids who practice when I swim in the morning really need to learn how to do push ups.
  • Maybe I can get all my shopping done before October next year.
  • I can't wait to watch the Hawaii Ironman on Saturday. I'll never watch that race the same way again. It wasn't long ago that I would watch that while wrapping Christmas presents and just be blown Away by how Anyone could ever do such a crazy event. And now, I can say I DID IT! You just never know what life will bring.
  • 40. Nope. It still doesn't sound right.
  • Sometimes,the person who can handle everything, can't. Sometimes the person who is on top of things, isn't. Sometimes, the person who is tough and strong feels weak and miserable. I'm just saying. Sometimes that happens.

  • Substitute teaching is really really hard. And tiring. Hats off to teachers who work with the little ones every day. I appreciate my own children more and more every time I go in there.

  • I hope Christmas is a happy and magical day for my boys. They deserve it. They are really special little people. I will work hard to make next week amazing for them.


Mary Eggers said...

Love your energy girl!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Yes, Ange! I am JUST Like you in a lot of ways...It is SOOO busy at this time of the year. When we had (jerome and I) our weekend solo last weekend I worked SO hard so that I could enjoy the weekend w/ Jerome and shop PROPERLY for the twins and enjoy this time of the year (without having to work all weekend, etc). Because while it is busy at this time of the year -espeically with all the kids stuff at school this week and next week holiday stuff...I am like you - I work hard to make sure CHRISTMAS is something the kids want and deserve!!! :)

I got some Splish suits too - love them!

I know how hard this foot thing is....you are almost there and it is not even 1/1, so that should be encouraging! :)HO HO HO

Beth said...

What a good mom!! Your boys are lucky. :) Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and make sure you take time for YOURSELF to enjoy it too. :) Hang in there with the foot - not much longer now!!

Mary IronMatron said...

I bet that party for Tommy was awesome!!!! He is not just being polite.silly.
Tell me what Splish suits you got! That is very important info! I just got the one with dog paws.

Running and living said...

Kids are funny, they end up enjoying this time of year no matter what. We stress ourselves out to achieve perfection but really, they have this ability to have a great time even when we feel we have not been able to achieve the perfect plans that we wanted. Glad you are running. Your speed will come back, it's been in you for years, you don't loose that! Oh, and I have to get myself some splish suits:) Happy holidays!

Amanda said...

it made perfect sense. there's just too much going on this time of year. you;ll be back to running...and fast soon enough.

rungirl said...

It made sense to me ... I think because my mind works that same way. A million things running through it all the time.

joanna said...

40 isn't so bad-I'm almost a month in and I'm telling you it is almost like being 39! However, having my baby turn 13 just 10 days after turning 40-that hurt.

Melissa said...

Glad your foot is getting better. 40 isn't bad at all.

Judi said...

your energy girl, between you and jen, LOL. i hope you have a great holiday season ange.

Swimming for ME said...

40 is when it starts getting good Ange!!
You know who you are, what you want and how to get it... case in point the IronMan. There's no telling what you'll do next!!!!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

This is the totally random time of year and I completely understand how sometimes you just want to sit and vegetate because you are going crazy trying to pull everything together in time for the kids. I can't wait to watch Hawaii IM and see you (hopefully) on the show!! Good luck with the foot healing... I know how frustrating it is but don't give up and come back to quick, you are almost there!!

TriGirl Kate O said...

39 was harder for me than 40, but now I'm staring down 42. That's scary. I don't feel this old. I do love my kids at almost 13 and 10 and wouldn't trade that for the world, and so I guess my getting older is a small price to pay to see them grow and develop into wonderful people.

I hope you have a great Christmas and look forward to meeting you in March! Don't wear out those splishys before then...

GoBigGreen said...

I cant WAIT to meet you and show you that 40 is the best! 43 is even better! Happy Holidays Ange and really I did look for you saturday:)
PS its ok to feel overwelmed and tired sometimes. We all do.

Marni said...

I think this was a great post. I love that you already have a 2010 schedule! Way to go Ange! Just keep staying positive and one foot in front of the other. You have a wonderful family that supports you and as long as you are living the days to the fullest, you are going to do great things! :)