Friday, December 4, 2009

What's next??

I couldn't decide if I wanted to write about the upcoming 2010 season or ---- turning 40. They both happen at about the same time.
Racing won. I am still compiling my thoughts on the 40 thing.
Here goes. Hmmm. 2010. I am still trying to get over 2009 quite frankly. My motivation is still waxing and waning. But here it is. I have a plan for now.

First---heal stress fx. This is almost done. I am actually running. Or shall we call it jogging. Short distances. On the grass. With walking mixed in. But it's Something! I'll take it. I'm afraid of my foot. It's annoying because I always have some pain whether I have a stress fx or not! So now, when I am running, I have to be certain that the pain I feel is the old everyday chronic pain and not an unhealed fx. I made the mistake of boasting to a friend that I was planning to run and swim my way into the new year. Immediately after Kona, fine, for a Month or so after Kona, I didn't want to look at my bike. But...the foot cracked on me and threw that plan away.
I had originally planned on hopping into all the little 5ks for the winter. I would turkey trot, jingle bell run, ho ho ho run (not sure if there is one of those) you get the drift.
Insteeaaaaaaaad....I will settle for a 2.7 mile trot around the block today.

Back to the current adjusted race plan.

Cape MidWinter Classic 10 mile road race-I've been doing this race on and off for years. I think I did it back in the early 90s with my Mom actually. I grew up in Cape so although I've been away for 20 years (back to that almost 40 thing...), it's still a home town race. Tons of good friends run it. Friends from the Tri world and friends I know from Cape. It's often cold and icy but always a great test of fitness early in the year. I hope my foot is 100% soon so I can do this and do it right.

PolarBear 5K-I'll probably run this race. I won last year. That was a surprise! I never win road races!! Must say it was a fun was to start '09. It's on Valentine's day.

Tucson Training camp!! I'm heading to Arizona for a training camp with coach Jen!! I can't wait to meet her in person and spend a fun long weekend in the sunny southwest climbing Mt. Lemmon and running hard with the other athletes.

PolarBear Sprint Triathlon--I love this race. It's the first Tri in Maine for the season. And..It's a pool swim!!! That's a great twist for me. It's fast and furious. Takes just about an hour. ok, I have yet to break one hour but in '08 my time was 1:00.01. no joke. So of course my goal is a nice fast 59 min day.

Rev3 Half Ironman --I'm heading to Connecticut for a June Half Iron. I'm excited for this. Around 20 Mainers are heading down and staying at the same hotel. My sister in-law lives nearby so we'll crash with her too. My family can entertain themselves at the amusement park that is open only to spectators that day. Meanwhile, I hear it's one of the hardest 70.3 courses out there. Bring it on!

The middle of the summer is a little unscheduled right now. I am not sure what I'll feel like doing. And you know, that's the beauty of next season! Last year was so incredible structured and serious due to Ironman Lake Placid and then Hawaii. There was no room to throw a random race in here or there.
I just found another race I can do!! June 13th is the Pirate Tri at Sebago Lake. Right near camp!! My husband is fired up for this and I'll be sure to hop in to the fun too. And best of all, there's a kid's aquarun! perfect family. I think we can even drive our party boat over to the venue!

If the Norway Sprint happens and it's convenient, I'll do it. that in my current home town.

Portland Urban Epic. Same as above. We'll see.

Beach2Beacon 10K road race. Back to Cape Elizabeth. This is a huge world class event started by Joan Benoit Samuelson. I think it's limited to 6000 runners now. if you knew our small coastal roads in Cape you'd realize why this is so remarkable. It's a great even that started in 1998. I hope to get on the registrants list for this one. I had to skip it last year...still learning how to walk after LP.

Maine State Tri --- another small sprint tri close to home. I have loved this race. They changed teh course and it's no longer a ridiculous climb over small nordic ski trails in the woods or through knee deep mud holes in the fields. Again, missed it last year due to Lake Placid. I hope to go back. I've placed 2nd in this race over and over. Maybe this time...? :)

Timberman Half Ironman! This will be my other A race. (along with Rev3) I have decided I LOVE the Half Ironman distance. I can really race that distance and yet still enjoy a pure endurance event. Timberman is where it all started for me. It was my first Half in 2007. I love this event. Keith Jordan does a fantastic job. I can't wait to go back. And...there's a CHANCE my husband will join the race! (if he hasn't already missed the registration window..)

Lobsterman Olympic race--this is a beautiful ocean race in Freeport, Me. I feel like I say 'hometown' race a lot. however, my Grandparents lived here, my mom and dad do now, and our cottage is here. So again, it's like home. I love this race. The water is usually disturbingly cold but the course is hard and fun so it's a great end of the season race. Plus, they have beer, lobsters, and a kid run after.

I hope to jump into a few more at the end of the season. The CELT sprint in Cape. It's a pool race and yeah...back to home. And I grew up in that pool so it would be especially fun. Do I dare say the Maine Marathon?? not sure. really really not sure about that one. If not, probably the half marathon.

You can sense my tone. Fun for 2010. Fun and Fast! I can't wait for Jen to train my legs to have zip and speed again!!! I'm excited.
At the same's tough to get my fire right now. Everything is so far away. I am doing all my workouts and working hard but...I'm just waiting for the big drive to kick in again.

I think that'll happen when that big 4-0-hits.


MaineSport said...

I can sense the wishy-washiness. I'm already feeling the same for 2011. But I know you'll eat up the shorter stuff and love red-lining it.

Mama Simmons said...

Sounds like a fun schedule!

If you guys haven't entered that Rev3 yet, hold off for a few weeks- I'll have a coupon code for you to get $10 off your entry. Tell your friends. Every little bit, right?

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

I LOVE your schedule - looks absolutely fantastic! :)

I think you'll know when you're ready... it is VERY challenging coming back from 2X Ironman for your first year of IM racing. Some people do great - yeah for them. I, however, was not one of those fortunate genetic freaks. I actually JUST started back with very light base training this past Monday. Right now I'm just in "damage control" mode...trying to not loose too much fitness and gain the holiday right - that's my motivation. When the fire for next year hits - GREAT! I'm giving myself another month or two... and I think that's pretty normal.

Hang in there with the stress fracture - I KNOW that its tough...but just one step at a time. Thinking of you and sending happy thoughts!

(And OMG - I did Timberman back in 2007 - and LOVED it! I WILL do it again at some point...just don't know when...)

rungirl said...

The training camp sounds fun!! I wish I could find one for CDA but I think I'm going to have to create my own.

Timberman is one of my favs. Love that race.

Here's to a great 2010 ... for all of us!!

Mary IronMatron said...

I'm going to do as many of those races with you as I can!
I can't believe you're just starting to contemplate the big 4.0. I've been contemplating and obsessing about it since 35. :)

Beth said...

Sounds like a great schedule! I get so excited thinking about next season and then reading about what others have planned! I was hoping to see that you were doing one of the races I am so we could meet!...but not this year. Maybe next year! :)

Swimming for ME said...

okay if I don't do 4.4 Chesapeak on 6/13 I'll join you for the Pirate Tri at Sebago!!

I hope you are having a party for your birthday....