Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Maybe my Body will Listen?

I'll start this post with a happy little picture and then I'm likely to move in 10 different directions. Sorry're sideways. I couldn't rotate the darn thing and it was too cute for me not to post. Just turn your head and peek at my little charmer. This is how Nick (he's 6 and in Kindergarten) went to school yesterday. My kids NEVER ever wear ties to school. But the day before, big brother Cameron announced it was "Tie day." Tommy and Cam both knew this and said they would wear ties. Nick had no clue what tie day was all about. ( apparently a fundraiser for something...) The next morning, the two big guys chickened out because they feared they'd be the only ones who participated. (and they were right...) But Nick was dressed to kill. He wasn't sure he liked the way the tie choked him a bit and despite me telling him it was completely his choice, he was determined to head off looking ready for a little business meeting. Made me smile. (And I wasn't surprised when it was in his backpack when I picked him up...he made it until snack time and then it was history. ) A year ago I noticed my ankle was swollen. It felt a little strange but it was mostly just Very swollen. After multiple appointments with an ortho, an xray and an MRI it was determined that I have an impinged talus bone. Something like that... The Talus bone is in your's pinching somehow. This is the result. Can you see how swollen it is by my ankle bone? behind it...

My normal ankle...
The bad one:

What I don't understand is why it was basically fine for months and months and now it's bothering me again! It has remained quite swollen all year but now it's very inflamed and a bit tender at times too. I "feel it" if that makes's not painful per se but it's aggravating. And the fact that it's worse bothers me. I have been icing all the time and wearing a compression brace but who knows if that is doing any good. My theory is that I have just recently headed back outside on my bike and immediately started climbing. ( Mt. Lemmon on first ride outside for 2010!) While climbing, one's heel is stretched and I'm guessing it's pinching something because of that position.
Does anyone have experience with this kind of thing???
A few random Easter pictures: My bunny cake!

The kids searching for eggs...
And on the right is my family of 5 and my brother's family of 5 perched for pictures at my parent's house. Nick is hiding behind his cousin.

And on to the topic of this post. The real topic.
I am losing my mind because I feel like Nobody is Listening to Mom!!! I am certain I am not alone on this one. Right? If I am, well, someone send me a one way ticket to Tahiti. (my kids keep talking about Tahiti for some reason) many times in one week can a person say, "Please make your bed, pick up your clothes, unpack your backpack, bring me your lunchbox, don't push your brother, put your dirty clothes in the hamper, hang up your towel. " And so on and so on and so on. Seriously? I say the same 10 basic things 20 times/day.
I try and try and try and try to remain patient. I try to come up with new ways to encourage them to do these basic things. Anyway.... Mom stuff... any advice is welcome!
Since I feel like my kids won't listen to me...I'm going to try to get my body to listen to me. I'm training hard and trying to take things to another level.
I'm now riding with power and that is a bit of an eye opener. I have a lot to learn but so far it's really interesting and very addicting. I just want to keep riding so I can see what I can do with it. I have also discovered that I need to work at being more steady while I'm riding. My power fluctuates quite a bit. I need to find out if this is normal or if I'm wasting energy having little bursts of power when I should just even it out.
Swimming is interesting for's been brought to my attention (when I was happily critiqued by Jen and Jerome in AZ last week) that I have a superfast turnover rate and perhaps would be more efficient and powerful if I could increase my distance per stroke. Over the years, I have spent a lot of time swimming near my friend Alina. Now Alina has an unbelievably fast turnover!!! It's amazing. I would often try to immitate her stroke and I think some of my fast turnover might be from that. Even when we swim in the lake together I watch her arms spin so fast! But she is a 50 & 100 freestyler. I have moved on to 1-2 mile open water events. I'm an "old dog" when it comes to swimming so working on "new tricks" is just that...a trick. But I'm trying. step at a time. Tomorrow is a track workout that has me shakin' in my shoes. It's guaranteed to leave me in a pile on the grass when I finish. That's the goal--to come out of my skin and suffer. If I can get my body comp. where I want it to be and get my body to listen more carefully than I feel listened to at home, it should be a good season.
Kick off day: One month from today. Race #1 of 2010.
Game on.


runningyankee said...

love the bathrobes on the egg hunt! sorry about the gimpy ankle. though i will say it doesnt seem to slow you down..- hope you find something to get that swelling under control. ugh. and finally with track season upon us i do beleive the word suffer will become common. blah.

cheryl said...

Great photo of your little guy!

I had one similar experience with the ankle. Years ago, rented a bike to ride in the mtns of Montana, and the seat slipped a bit as one day went on. At the end of the day my ankle felt very sore and tender and I could not walk. By morning, big as a softball. So, your sdaale height being off just a little could definitely aggravate your achilles and other lower leg tendons and ligaments.

hope it gets better quick. take care.

Laura said...

I soooo feel you on the why won't the kids listen! Seriously how many times do you need to hear no or don't touch, or don't fight, in one day....I know that I have far exceeded my comfort level of hearing and saying it! Good luck with that!

Michelle Simmons said...

Moana is only 17 months, but I used to be a middle school teacher several years ago... and I watch Super Nanny so clearly I'm an expert. Lol. JK. ;) But my first question when I read about your kids not listening is "What is the consequence when they don't do what you ask?" If there's no consequence then there's no incentive for them to listen, right? Doesn't have to be anything too serious, but something that will make them realize that you are serious when you put in a request.
Sorry about your ankle. :( Hope it doesn't become a factor this season!

Marni said...

Hope the ankle gets better! Aqua jog does wonders for your fitness if you can't run.
The cake looks great!! HOW COOL!!!
The family is growing up. Although the kids are young, I'm sure they have many more years of not listening to mom (secret: they do listen but they won't act like it :)

You are an awesome mom!

Amanda said...

OK, this isn't a solution, but I do know that my brother and I never listened to my mom quite as well as we listened to my dad because she was around all the time. And because we "knew" her so's like, we always heard her voice telling us something. We knew it would continue regarldess, so we came to block it out like white noise. i think this is pretty typical. the only thing that snapped us out of it was punishment. or her completely losing it.
Hope your ankle gets better. You can really see the swelling. Crazy!

Pedergraham said...

We have been going through a "not listening" stage around here. Very frustrating, especially when expectations are clear and regular (and goodness forbid if Mom actually needs to get somewhere on time to a "Mom" thing). Anyway, I found that when Andrew joined forces with me and reinforced that when children are asked to do something, they should only be asked once and do it right away, the behavior improved after a few days of this. Maybe it was because this got at the bigger issue of respect, rather than just simple chores?

Gosh, your poor ankle. I hope it gets better.

RE: the swimming... I am an old dog, too, but Jen had me do a fair bit of distance per stroke and drills for front quadrant emphasis this winter, and I really felt that made my stroke stronger and I felt more powerful.

You are on a cake making streak!

Meg said...

Your ankle looks just like my husband's ankle after his last marathon in January! He rested after some treatments and he's back on the trails. I hope yours isn't serious!
Cute bunny cake, bathrobes and little guy in tie...sweet memories.
My motto with the kids in my classroom(Kinders)is that I only have to ask ONE time. That's it...once. Hey, we've got to much to do and it's so aggravating to have to say it over and over. Good luck because it's different as a mom , I do have to say :) !

donna furse said...

I have 4 kids and I often feel like I have to ask them several times to do things. They definitely have consequences the problem is the not listening reoccurs on a daily basis despite the consequences, I have no clue, just pure frustration.

With regards to the power tap if that is what you have, if your finding out that your watts are flying all over the place you just need to readjust the meter to a more standard setting, it should be in your manual, my coach helped me do it a few months ago and it has made a big difference. Good luck.

Running and living said...

I believe in lax parenting. I pick my battles a lot. If my son wants to go out in the winter without a coat, well, go ahead, you are going to be cold, but you'll learn. I also use humor a lot (e.g., "I bet I won't recognize you once you wash your face), or "asking the opposite" (Don't eat your brocoli). But my son is 4, so it is perhaps easier. I think the goal is for you to find a way to not become frustrated with them. I find that my son loves to get me frustrated!

Michelle said...

On the kid front, do they get an allowance? What is working in our house these days is a new rule I instituted - if you don't unpack your backpack, leave junk in the living room, don't pick up your clothes, etc. you owe Mom a dollar. After a few payments, they learned pretty quickly. :)

Ouch on the ankle - frustrating, I'm sure, but I'd also try to figure out what is wrong so you can FIX it for good.

GoBigGreen said...

P.S. LOVE that cake. I sometimes wish i had kids so i could do the baking and egg dying and all those traditions, but i get to do them with my nephews:)
Keep in touch on the ankle.

Swimming for ME said...

Oh Ange that heel looks so sad! I am so sorry.... ice and more ice? That is the only trick I know, and not a very original one :)