Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'Tis the Season

It's school vacation week this week....again. Seems like schools have a LOT of vacations!! I love my time with my children...I am very grateful for it...however, they don't seem to be in school very much. Was it like this when I was young? I don't remember.

I've been away from blogland for a week or so because things have been so busy. This is just a little attempt to catch up and ask my readers to hang on 'cause I'll be back soon.

Last weekend I headed out of Maine at 4:00 a.m. (In a SNOWSTORM I must add...nuts) and drove to Boston. I attended the RRCA Coaching certification course (road runners club of america). It was an excellent class and I definately learned a lot of great information. I must admit, sitting for a total of 24 hours (6 hrs of driving + 18 hrs of class) was Exhausting! I am just not wired to be so still. It always amazes me when I attend conferences how many people seem perfectly content to just S...I...T! they don't even Wiggle! I am miss fidgety. I tip my chair, stretch my legs, stand up, walk to the back wall, and generally speaking just keep moving almost the entire time.
I was lucky enough to stay at Mary's house on Saturday night. It was great to catch up for a little while, to have Andy cook us a yummy steak dinner and to sleep in her daughter's comfy bed for a few hrs before I headed back into the city. THanks guys!!

Whirlwind weekend and after tolering the crazy driving in Boston (people were NUTS! I do not drive that slowly and people were Honking and flashing lights at me to go by.. and I was already over the speed limit.) I was home by 7:30 p.m. Ahhh.. I love home.

As I said, it's vacation week. Which actually means the opposite at my house unless we are flying off to a beach somewhere. And we didn't do that. My 3 boys and I are instead trying to stay busy around home. We're doing pretty well....but I admit I am looking forward to the "peace and quiet" I will have on my 4 hr ride I 'get' to go do ina few hrs. My awesome hubby is taking a few hrs off from work (he is amazingly willing to do this during vaca it. Great Dad award!) and he'll take them to our camp to on a water pipe? Whatever. Have fun Boys!

Tomorrow we are actually doing something vacation -like and driving back to Boston to take the kids to the Museum of Science. We'll see a movie on Dinosaurs at the iMax, a 3D movie about sharks, and otherwise just wander around. It should be a fun day... I hope!

I just spent some time looking at my calendar. It's the season of no down time in the Bancroft house. From now until the end of summer...I think almost all our weekends are busy. There are probably a few exceptions but it doesn't seem it. Ok...just realized I lied. THIS weekend is free. But after that...... we have ~ first Tri of season along with nephew's first communion, trip to FL for USAT the next weekened, a bike TT after that, a wedding, open water swim clinic we're teaching, cousin's party, and then it's already June and I'm off to Connecticut for Rev3 70.3! Just like that...time will fly.

'Tis the season. The season for racing, and tons of kid activities, and Summer vacation!

With that...I'm off to mix bottles for my long ride. My Mommy time!!


Ewa said...

I bet kids just love it not being in school. They get to run, bike, build things, discover places... oh, wait that's my childhood. Now most kids will get to play computer games, spend time texting...
As for people who sit for hours and don't mind it - maybe they used to be those kids who spent their school breaks watching TV and playing video games.

Running and living said...

Ange, having a little boy is fun to read about your adventures with your boys. I have to say, sometimes my son's interest in traffic lights, cranes, etc are a bit over the top. Still gotta love boys:) SO sorry I did not get to meet you. I had to miss the class due to some craziness with my mom in law's trip to Italy on Sat. They did reschedule me, which is nice. Enjoy your 4 hour ride!

Melissa said...

I had to sit in a class room a couple of weeks ago for 3 days in a row to keep up my insurance designation. There were about 100 other agents. I continually ate throughout the entire 3 days. No one else was eating. LOL.. I am the same way. Can't sit still.

Sigh! Life should be slower don't you think?

mainelyhawes said...

Hi Ange,

You don't know me, or maybe you do. As a crow flys, we are almost neighbors. My wife and I live on the Stony Brook on Rt.117 and close to Christian Ridge Rd. I have seen you (I think swim at the YWCA??), and maybe running up on Paris Hill. I am a special ed social worker, my wife is a PT. Anyway, I and another person swim at Norway lake 3-4 x wk if you'd like to join us. We usually start in mid to late May depending on water temps. We usually swim 30 mins to an hr. Current water temp is approx 50 degrees. I am now swimming at the "Y" 2-3 x week. OK, just thought I'd say "hi" and have enjoyed following your training etc. Good luck in you upcoming season. Jeff Hawes

celmore said...

Great blog. I just found it. I don't know how you manage everything you do!!!

Meg said...

When my kids were little, I loved this time of year! There was always so much going on and summer just seemed so close in April and May. I hope you have a FUN week! I just went to that science museum on Tuesday after the race, it was SOOOO cool! Enjoy those moments, it passes so quickly!

Mary IronMatron said...

hi! Sorry I missed this post! I have been a bad blogger reader lately. :( I loved seeing you. It was fun to catch up (not that we don't talk everyday, but whatever. haha!)
I can't believe you hiked at to Boston with the boys! You are an awesome (and brave and tireless) mommy. xoxo

Judi said...

bike TT? YEA!!!