Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to Lake Placid

I raced yesterday. It was a fun fun day! I'll get back to that in a minute.

I left off last week at the very beginning of my race report of Ironman Lake Placid 2010. It was going to be my first race report as a spectator. However, I am just way too busy this summer to keep up with these blog reports. So I must condense my camping weekend in Lake Placid and sum it up with a few key points.

First, memories flew at me all day long. I was reliving my first Ironman from the moment I drove into town last week. I admit, it was quite nice to be able to enjoy the Ironman scene without the aching fear in my stomach about what I needed to do on Sunday of that week. Instead, I housed a different type of nerves for my little brother. Ok..little bro is not so little anymore. He's a rock solid 37 y.o. who was 100% prepared for a great IM debut.

Second, I have great friends. We camped next to a handful of my friends who were also there to watch, volunteer and ahem....get into a "line" on Monday morning. I had a great time being around all these great people. There's no real story.. .I just love my friends.

Third, Jeff crushed his race. He was full of heart and determination and it paid off. Now that I'm writing this again, I want to go into so many details. But I'll hold back. I watched the swim start while holding my breath. I studied wetsuits and strokes as they got closer on each loop, determined to find Jeff. I think I saw him. But I can't be sure. I did see a bunch of other friends as they exited their 2nd loop. They all looked just great. Serious and ready for phase 2.
Jeff's swim was 55 min. Yup..he's fast.
The long long hours that the athlete must endure on the bike go by in a flash for the spectators. At least for me they did. It might have something to do with the fact that I was also entertaining my 3 young boys, trying to find them food, take them swimming in the lake and then walking over 45 min down the road to spectate on a "quiet" part of the course on loop 1. We walked and walked. The kids, my husband, my mother and my sister in-law. They were probably all cursing me. I was determined to see Jeff somewhere other than the Hot corner with 1000 others. I remember how much it helped me to have an extra cheer out on the road. We finally arrived at the hills and there we stood. I decided to run further away so he'd have an extra GO!
But, man did I have to go to the bathroom. Sorry if this is TMI but it impacts the story. I was desperate. I decided I had time so I ducked into the thick woods behind me. I was quick. Phew.
HEY! There's Dave Brackett!!! A friend rode by.. .Yay !! He looked amazing and strong. I called another friend to tell him Dave was on his way into town. Except that friend as actually on the course at mile 50. ( we were at 55) He said, "Yeah! I saw him! Did you see Jeff? He's right ahead of DAve!"
are you kidding me???
I missed him. All that, and I missed him.
I walked back to my family at the top of the hill. Defeated. My race plan fell through. Back to the tent to reassess.
By the way, they all high fived him and assured me he looked Great.
I tried Jeff!!!
Loop 2, I stayed put. Right on hot corner. It worked. I saw him, he saw us, he smiled, we cheered and screamed, he was gone, and that was that.
We turned and hurried down to the spot where we could see them run out of the tent from T2. Jeff came along and ran directly towards us. I could tell he had something to say. I was all prepared for some sound advice...I told him to ask me anything out there...what to do w/ nutrtion or pacing etc etc.
You know what he said? "That was a long way!"

The run was crazy. I worried earlier in the day that I wouldn't be able to fit my own run into the day. That was not the case. I donned my running shoes and chased my brother all around that route. Actually, I just saw him a few times but it took a lot of running to get to those spots. And one of those trips included a mini grocery shopping at a litlte corner store to stock up on food for the gang back at the tent.

I was so proud of Jeff. He had horrible stomach pain and GI bloating and while he had to walk, he always started running again. He pushed on...he never ever gave up. It hurt and he just dealt with it. It was awesome. It was absolutely awesome to watch him cross the finish line. He got there in 11:32!!! Amazing time!

I also tracked and cheered for a BUNCH Of other friends out there that day. Carrie, STacy, Erin,Kim, Martha, Nate, Joanna, and Dave. In addition to my friends from home, one of my athletes raced in her first Ironman and finished in a stellar 11:48!! Fantastic job by all!! They all were amazing and gave me such inspiration to do it again.

yes, that's right. I woke up super early Monday morning and drove into town with my buddy Mike. I sat, stood, and walked around in line from 6:30-1 p.m.
And then, I signed my name and paid my money.
Ironman Lake Placid 2011--- here I come.

So much for sticking to a few points! I did race yesterday. I do want to share that race report too.

I'll have to write more tonight. It's summer vacation and my 3 little guys are looking at me.


Mary IronMatron said...

Jeff did awesome!!

It was a great weekend. I can't wait to do it all again in 2011. :)

Ryan said...

I sat right behind you on the bleachers at the finish line of LP.

I didn't want to be some freak and come over with the... Hey! I read your blog.

So anyway... Hi and I read your blog.