Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Preparing to Take Revenge -

A few months ago, I travelled to South Western Connecticut for a big Half Ironman. I was fired up and ready to rock. I was fit and strong and full of early season energy.
I hit the race course...and bombed. I made some errors and ended up walking and begging for mercy along the way. Ouch. Not the way I like to attack my races.
I kicked my feet in the dirt and analyzed those 5 hours for a few days. Or maybe, a week or two.
And then, I got over it. Temporarily. I learned some good lessons and accepted that I am human and have bad races from time to time. We all do.

Ok. That was then and this is now. I want revenge on that torturous June day.
Timberman 70.3 will arrive in a few short days and I am going to proove to myself that I can in fact tear up a Half Iron course. I can't wait.

My training has gone pretty well. By the end of last week, my legs were screaming for mercy. I have started resting now and I can feel the energy and zipp returning...slowly but surely. I don't need it all today. I need it sunday. So I patiently wait and do what I can in the meantime. I drink my recovery drinks after every workout, I go to bed early (on that note...better finsish this up...) and I won't overschedule the fun this week. (unlike the rest of this summer. Phew! Can't keep this crazy pace up forever!)

I won't lie. My mojo has waxed and waned this summer. I have gone through some bonafide ups and downs in my head this season... questioning what I am doing and why. I'll save that for another post.

My successful 10K last week pushed me back into my zone. I can't explain why...but something clicked inside me. Good timing...I am more than ready to do my best on sunday.

Tomorrow I will start the day with a swim. Each workout I do this week pulls extreme focus and plannning from me.

It's race week and I am on a mission.


donna furse said...

You will be top 3 my friend, go kick some ass.

karen said...

love your blog! Looking forward to a recap of the race! Good luck! Have a great day Sunday!

Beth said...

Go Ange! Kick some butt! :)

rungirl said...

Good luck!!!!

runningyankee said...

no doubt you will be running over people on sunday! go get em!!

Kim said...

yes ange - cant wait to see you out on the course on sunday!!!

GetBackJoJo said...

My guess is you'll be first amateur. And you fail to mention that at that race in June you still won your AG! That course was impossible! It wasn't just you having a bad day...
BUT YES. You will tear up Timber!!! Wahoo!

Laurie said...

Ah, yes, redemption racing...so motivating isn't it??!
Have fun and show 'em how it's done!!
(i just found your blog a few weeks ago, very well written, and inspiring!)

MaineSport said...

Have a great race- and enjoy it as much as you can.

GoBigGreen said...

Race YOUR race and the results will follow!
Good luck Ange!