Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer memories

As Labor day weekend approaches, we are packing for what will most likely be our last weekend at camp. All three boys are on soccer teams this fall. That's three different teams. Mark coaches one of their teams. And of course, we will keep racing ourselves. All that adds up to very limited time at camp. The fact that it is September and usually that signifies a drop in temperatures and cooler waters, is lost on me right now. We are in the final (thankgoodness) day of a 6 day heat wave. I am a Mainer. A True northern New England girl. A full week of high 90s and humidity breaks me down. I can race an Ironman but stick me in a house without air conditioning for 6 days and crank the heat above 95 and I am a mess. Just ask my kids. Thankfully, my husband is almost worse than I am with the heat. Since we are on the same page, there isn't really any irritable crankiness with each other...just a clear understanding between two 40 year olds....'I'm hot, I'm sticky, I'm sweaty. you stay right there and I'll stay right here.' :) Right? Poor little Nick, he is the snuggliest little bug and just wants to jump on my lap every 10 minutes. It's really really hard to turn him down.. but oh the sweat. And the stickiness.
I do NOT know how people in the southern states do it!
So as I look out my window at the increasing clouds and cheer on Earl to bring us some rain....I decided to just post a few of the many pictures we have from our summer fun this year. The kids have been back in school for a week so we are beginning to settle into some bit of routine. It is nice. I must say. Summer was fantastic...but there's something about little boys and "noise." What IS That??? love those little guys to a million pieces but now that I have a few hrs of's quiet! 25 more minutes left today so I chop are the pictures. In no particular order.
I had more pictures to post but blogger shut me off!!

The boys made a rowboat this year with their Grandfather. From scratch! here they are putting the finishing coat of paint on and launching it at the island. (camp)

Crescent Beach

Nick and I on the wharf at Wolf Neck

Cameron and Tommy at Wolf Neck

tubing at the island

On the podium for Timberman 70.3 8/22/99 2nd place 40-44 women and Mary 4th 40-44 women

Tommy Waterskiing! All 3 boys learned this summer!

Our moment with a 3 time World Champion...


Annie Cat said...

I don't think you have to be a New Englander to feel high heat and humidity is unreasonable... all my Chicago friends are grateful for any turn of the season! Great pictures of your family. And I think one little boy gets loud!

Mary IronMatron said...

Oh I love the pics!!! Makes me miss summer... even though technically it is STILL summer.
I love that one of us with Chrissie! (except I look so short.. not that I am short, of course. It MUST be the way I'm standing... :)

Rural Girl said...

Nice pictures! Summer was (is, for a while yet) a success!

Christy said...

I just found your blog today and am now a few follower! I also tagged you on my blog! ;-)

FFigawi said...

I feel your pain about the heat and humidity. Of course, living in Houston just gives me four more months than you to complain about it. :)

Love the pictures from your summer adventures.

Jennifer Harrison said...

YEAH! Oh boo hoo summer is over...It is like a switch isn't it? We swam OW on Labor Day and it was already like, "BRRRRR"....eeks! Love the boys in all their glory! :)