Friday, September 24, 2010

Ok--that's just about enough of that!

Less than a week ago I raced my final race of 2010. I had a blast. I had a good race. I had a great afternoon with friends when it was over.
I let my guard down. I accepted the fact that it was time to rest.
I am absolutely-100%-no argument from me-on board with the need to rest and decondition post-season. I get it.
I need it!
I need it physically and mentally.
I haven't trained this week. I had an amazing massage. I have slept until 6:30 (yes, that's late for me) I have done close to nothing it seems.
except---- EAT!
Holy man alive I really really need to stop.
I feel so sick right now. I feel slothenly. Is that a word? I am trying to express to you that I feel like a sloth. I don't think it's because I haven't logged 94 miles on my bike, I doubt it's because I haven't worn the rubber on the Saucony's with 27 more miles, and it's not because my bathings suits are dry. Nope. that's not why.
It's because I seem to adapt the attitude that I can eat any ole' thing I want now that I am not racing.
I wake up in the morning and realize that my standard pre-workout breakfast of oatmeal + banana isn't necessary. I am not working out.
Instead, I now jump into the shower upon waking ( highly unusual for the rest of the year) and just savor my a.m. coffee.
I have good intentions every day. You see,I Like to eat well. I enjoy healthy food. And, most of the days this week, 80% of my intake has been good wholesome food. Ezeikel bread with hummus, greek yogurt with fruit, nectarines, grilled chicken and salad. I buy organic nonprocessed food that will fuel me and my family in just the right way.
when I stopped for a turkey sandwich the other day, I also grabbed 2 Cookies And ahem, DORITOS! yup. those orange chips. I had to eat some.
I've had numerous little moments like that all week long.
Now, as of 3:00 this afternoon, I feel sick. Disgusting. Gross. I'll never be hungry again sick. I didn't even eat too much today. Nor was it too bad! I even had some seaweed! Weird. I know. But I got some at this little shop and I do like it.
I think the combination of ZERO training + lots of random indulgences has resulted in this mommy/triathlete feeling nasty.
SO, that's enough of that!
I will continue to rest but I will stop thinking I can eat this way just because 'I'm done!'


Kim said...

hahahaa i cant stop eating either! wine and chocolate every day.i have def gained a few lbs over the past 1.5 weeks when i wasnt working out. but yeah i have to run 16 miles tomorrow. stupid baa half marathon! enjoy the rest and the gluttony ange, you deserve after this kick ass season!

Jennifer Harrison said...

HAH! GOOD! YOU NEED THIS TO De-Compress so when you come back you are hungry, Ange. EAT up and get drunk! :) Call the sitter, go out late - sleep until 10am (ok.....) and call all your girlfriends and live it up!

Because we have IMLP on tap for 2011 and a BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG year.

PS I will be moaning about what a slob I am too after 10/10, ha! But I have not ridden my bike since June!

GoBigGreen said...

I think some of that is in our heads Ang. I do the same thing, i sent JH a picture of my meal one day and said "it isnt even a rest day and look at all this stuff i am eating." We are so disciplined most the year that its ok to eat some chips and eat chocolate and donuts, its ok!
I know i am planning a big old party for 2 weeks come october and yea will likely cry mother mid feast as well!

runningyankee said...

cheers to that! i hold up my cupcake and root beer in salute! you've had the most amazing season and really deserve the down time and fun time. thanks for the support this year. really meant alot to me.