Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thinking Back and Looking Forward

First, thank you THANK YOU for all the helpful and supportive comments on my last post. It is nice to know that I am not the only one who struggles with food intake on a day to day basis. I do wish that I could just, 'eat when I am hungry and listen to my body,' but I struggle with this. I have certain foods that I want to eat each and every day because I love them. So, regardless of hunger or my body's need for X,Y or Z nutrient, I want to eat my peanut butter rice cakes because that is what tastes good! sigh...
I know that if I want to see a change in my body, then I must change what I am doing. Even though I eat healthy food, I do not eat enough variety and I do not time things well. Oh, and yes, my portions are too big. I am sure of that. I think that is what is the most daunting. Having less food. I don't like that part at all.
Besides my dinner, the food I eat each day is more or less the same. I can't imagine that is a good thing. Especially since it's not egg whites and spinach that I eat at lunch. (I am sorry, but egg whites are terribly tasteless to me. I try...but I can't stick with it because I don't like it.)
I plan to check out the book recommended to me and adapt some of other thoughts that were shared. Thanks so much everyone!!
OH!! I also have to add this before I move on to another topic. While the timing of this post was a bit odd, my feelings and frustrations have Nothing to do with the off-season. Nothing. I struggled with this all year. I was never at my race weight. I don't even know my ideal race weight! I am not just struggling with gaining a few pounds past my in -season buffness (ha!) because I was never there to begin with.
That said, I FULLY intend to be there Next Year.

I am enjoying my rest period. I like the off season. I really do. I am saying that in all honesty. Sure, I struggled with the cessation of training after my last race. I love training. I love exercising. Of course I do! Otherwise, how could I be in this sport? However, I am also able to channel myself back to the days when I had to struggle to fit it all in. The days when I had to frantically drop the kids at school, drive like a maniac home, barely stop to breath so I could be on my bike by 9:02 in order to fit in the 80 miles + 2 mile run in time to shower, eat that perfect post-big-workout-meal, and then get the kids from school. I didn't have time to do anything else. Sure, some days are much lighter than that. I enjoy going to bed at 10:15 and not stressing that it's 45 min too late and I have to wake up at 4:30 to drive 40 min to the pool. I enjoy figuring out our weekend plans and not stressing about how I will fit in my workout. For example, my kids have 6 soccer games on Saturday. I Love that I have no other worries than to get them to the field by 7 a.m (yup, and it's 40 min away)and spend the day cheering them on and ---feeding them. :) It's all about them right now. It's their turn. And, I'm good with that. It makes me happy.
My body is softer and certainly slower. It's only October so, I'm good with that too. There is time. Lots and lots of time. Last year I developed a stress fracture in my foot and was more or less sidelined from November-January. And yet, I did just fine last season.
I think the longer I do this sport the easier it is for me to realize that I need to step away from time to time. I need to show my family that there is more to my life than the need to train with a purpose every day.
I am focusing on my business and how I can develop that more. I am reading loads of material to help make me a better coach. I am cleaning kitchen cupboards. I am shopping for Christmas and school clothes for the kids. I am taking a Shower as soon as I get out of bed!! And...I only take one shower a day! It's the little things.

The other thing I am doing is planning for my 2011 race season. No, Triathlon is not totally off my mind. It's there every day. I am planning races. I am planning strategies. I am putting together ideas that will make me stronger, fitter, faster and happier. I know that this upcoming year is going to be the best yet.

Saturday is the Ironman World Championships in Kona. I am enjoying all the pictures and comments that are coming from the people I know there now. I have been thinking about my experience there last year and just how fortunate I was to be able to make that trip. That race is such a Huge Experience. The entire week leading up the the race is like nothing I have ever done before. I am not sure if I'll ever go back or not. But I do enjoy reliving my time there. This is a little redundent since I'm sure I posted these last year. But it's as much for me as it is you. So bear with me. I love going back to old photos and remembering.

Saying goodbye to the Kids. Not a happy moment for me.

These are completely out of order. But...
My poolside post-race "meal!" That's a Frozen mudslide and french fries! I had to replace all that lost salt!!

Getting real......note my colorful ribbon. I did that at both Ironmans and it Helps!

This was the day before the race. I had just racked my bike and bags. On the right you can see the giant gatorade bottle that is in line with the starting line of the swim. The Navy ship is behind me. It was just over this wall that Mark saw a few giant sea turtles.

One of my favorite parts of my time in Kona. The morning swims at Digme Beach. The atmosphere was still semi-relaxed and as I've said 1000 times, the colorful fish and coral were stunning.

Mary Lou and I had a swim lesson with Karlin Pipes-Neilsen in an endless pool overlooking the Pacific. This is MLou.

I took this picture while sitting on the rocks next to the expo. I was on the phone with Coach Jen discussing my race plan.

Somewhere on the run. Note my distorted body shape. I was Filled with ice! I stuffed ice everywhere I could at every single mile along the way.

The Finish line was under construction all week. I loved crossing the line and seeing myself up on this giant screen.

I took advantage of some free demos at the expo. It was a chance to sit and relax. My muscles went Crazy with this electrical stim machine. I can't remember what it was called.

Walking to a morning swim.


Hanging with Pro Bree Wee.

Pre-Race dinner with friends and fellow Maine women: Kim Cole and Mary Lou Lowrie. their daughters Alison and Rachel joined us too.

Post-swim breakfast with Nat under a big tree along Ali'i Drive.

Happy, Relieved, Sore and Proud. Sporting my Finisher's medal while having fun at the finish line for the last few hours of the race.

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Mary IronMatron said...

This is a great post. I think because you seem so balanced... and I am seeking balance, so this made me feel better?
I love those Kona pictures!

donna furse said...

I didn't hit my race weight either and I struggle with that portion of my training. I always wonder whether or not I would truly race better if I was able to drop the last 6-7lbs, its so hard. I've tried the core diet and probably will try again this year but right now its off season and I like to eat. Love the pics

tri like mary said...

Thanks so much for this post. Although triathlon season is over for me I have a half-marathon in two weeks then...nothing. I'm worried about losing my fitness and my stamina, etc. Your post makes me realize that I should relish this time of rest and take advantage of it and when I get back at it things will fall into place again.

kT said...

One shower a day--seriously, that's heaven! I'm always trying to shower-minimize, which results in some unfortunate long periods of time hanging out with unwashed hair. Enjoy the rest!

Kim said...

i am LOVING my rest! i love it so much i never want to train or race again! okay that might be a little much. whatcha thinking for race 2011? i struggled this year with my race weight. blech. next year will be OUR year :)

sallyaston said...

I could have writtent hat 2nd paragraph, LOL. Glad I am not alone.
Enjoy the off season! :-)

Laura said...

Would love to know what one reads to become a better coach! :)

love the kona revisit!

Jon said...

Excellent Post! So cool to see all of the places that you have gone, including Kona.

See you are doing Mooseman and Lake Placid. See ya @ both of those races!

Ben said...

Kona had to be such an amazing experience. I think you're going to have a very productive and weight reducing offseason and go into next season with better than mid-season form from this year. And look what you accomplished already!

Running and living said...

That book is awesome, and it will help!
I am doing Mooseman, too, and will also be volunteering at Lake Placid (and registering for 2012)!