Thursday, January 6, 2011

Starting to feel it......

I recovered from my little meltdown yesterday quite quickly. I really don't know where that came from. I cried, I shook it off, and I moved on.

In a very short period of time I have gone from feeling super tired and achey all over (not sick achey but post long-run that I crushed achey)to rested and a bit zippy.

I had some fast little 800s yesterday. Not a lot and not obnoxiously fast but... enough to keep things honest and truly test the fitness.

I can safely say I am ready for this 26.2 mile run. I feel good on my feet. I warmed up quickly and with an effort that Felt like zone 2, I was knocking off a pace faster than a month ago that left me begging for mercy. Success.

Thanks Jen. Thanks soon to be 41 year old body. You're doing juuuuuust fine.

Today I headed out for a 'work the hills' run. If you could see the hills that I get to face on a workout like this you'd laugh along with me. These bad boys go UP, down UP UP down, UP UP UP so that my normal 7 min pace becomes 12:35....ouch.
So I worked it and felt amazing. I felt strong and powerful and like I could keep running hard for well, about 3 hours! At least I HOPE!
I am feeling so fit and strong. My confidence is high and while I am nervous and excited, I am relaxed and sure of myself at the same time. I'm totally at peace with the decision to do this race. It was a good move for me.

So, Next Thursday morning I will drop my little ones at school with a few (read: 10) extra BIG TIGHT HUGS. From there, Mark and I will head to the airport.
This trip is a bit different than others we've taken in that the airport is only 10 miles from home and the plane seats 4. My husband is flying us south that day. He is totally fired up and well, shocked! that I asked him to do this for us. I knew it would help justify a trip to S.Carolina And make it even better since the race is on his birthday.

I'll be ok. GOod books and no worries about what I pack. Ironically, we'll get there a heck of a lot faster than if we took a commerical flight. We can stop where we want. We can drink a full water bottle we bring on our own. The pilot can explain all the little bumps and thumps to his -trying not to be too freaked out- passenger.

I do wish the kids could come. That's the only downside. I truly love having them at my races. Instead, they'll be well cared for and spoiled nicely by my parents so we'll all be ok.

One week to go.... If I feel this good now I can't wait to see how I feel next week.

LOVE taper!!!


Christi said...

You definitely sound ready to go! Good luck! And how cool is that your husband can fly you to your race?!

rungirl said...

You will do great!

runputt said...

Excellent. Run well, have fun.

Marni said...

SO excited for your race and how cool that you are flying there in a private jet!! :)

Keep resting...taper will do wonders for your body!

FFigawi said...

Good luck next week Ange!

Marisa said...

I am so excited for you. This is going to be a wonderful marathon and a HUGE PR!