Sunday, May 1, 2011

Days of Discipline, Moments of Reward

The sun came out in Maine this week. I think I grew two inches like the Daffodils in my yard and I'm proud to say I'm now sporting a slight tan line where my garmin and sports watch set up camp on my wrist.

I've enjoyed a few long rides in warm air and sun. One day, I stripped down to a single short sleeve shirt On the Bike! It's a spring miracle. I've been waiting since September for that feeling again. It's amazing how much more pleasure I get from riding when I'm not hidden under 4 layers of warm gear.
I've been able to run in humidity that left me gasping for water. It's been a long time since I've finished a run hallucinating for sprinklers and hoses that quench my desperate thirst.

But that's not the best part.
The best part for me has been something that's coming along slowwwwly but surely. It's requiring disciple, patience and lots of mumbling to oneself.
I'm losing weight.

I think the count is 7-8lbs total. I don't weigh myself too often. I am keenly aware of my own personal fluctuations that most women deal with. With that in mind, I refuse to become obsessed and possibly depressed with the small glimmers of success that is characteristic of losing weight the healthy way.

It's not easy. I eat healthy foods and have for a long time. My issue is portion control. And, learning to only eat when I am hungry. I eat out of habit and appeal. If I crave an apple with almond butter, I used to just make one. Because hey, after all, that's Healthy right? Right. But not if I don't need the calories.

So that's about it. That and a whole lot more. I'll spare you the details because that's boring after all.

I am noticing nice changes in how my clothes fit. I am a bit more at peace with the view of myself in my speedo as I walk into the pool on those early mornings I'm still too sleepy to see anything else. I no longer feel like my stomach is puffing out where it shouldn't. That's all good.

But it's not the best. The best for me only happens for a few minutes each day or over a few hours of the week.

Today, I was running. It was a run that took me up and over the lovely yet dchallenging hills in my neighborhood in Western Maine. I run these hills all-the-time. They are not easy and to see my pace drop 3-4min per mile on the ascents is Normal. And, it hurts! It's hard to get up those giant climbs no matter who you are. I do them over and over reassuring myself that I am only gaining strength and toughness by cresting them several times/ week.

Back to today. My run called for a gradual descend in pace. The goals were reasonable. Except for the fact that I felt SO GOOD!! My body was lighter. Fresher. Faster.
I noticed it yesterday too. I felt controlled and strong for all of today's run but there was this One hill. There was one hill in particular tthat struck me today. You see, I just ran up it. My pace hardly faltered. My HR didn't top out on zone 5. I just ran up the hill.


My fitness is growing, my form is improving and.... I'm lighter.

All those days of discipline pay off in small moments like that but it IS so worth it!!!


Ben said...

Thats awesome! I too have finally been losing, closing in on 10 pounds now. Its not that Im eating different things, other than I have been avoiding fast food as much as possible, and eating at home as much as I can. Ive even kept desserts in my food choices by eating things like frozen yogurt and really small pieces of chocolate. My fitness also is improving, and our first race is a week from today.

Beth said...

So happy for you Ange!! All your discipline is paying off big time!

Kim said...

awesome job ange! what a good feeling it is to feel lighter!

Christi said...

Congrats on all the great changes!

runningyankee said...

i'm taking inspiration from you today :) (well and alot of other days too, but especially today). keep on truckin. :)