Friday, June 3, 2011

A Few of my Favorites....

I'm taking advantage of 45 spare minutes I have before I pick the boys up from school. I'm following coach's orders and trying to nap as much as I can this week. Yesterday, I napped. 30 minutes. That is Unheard of for me. For most people I realize. Today, no such luck. I just ran out of time.  I am laying down with my feet up for a few minutes though. Does that count??  My brother Jeff just called from the race site. He's on for the International distnace tomorrow. After briefing me about the bike course and the reliable infestation of mosquitos in Bristol, NH we wished each other good luck. I wish we were racing together. As it is, he'll leave and I'll arrive.  Go Jeff!!!
My pre-race routine and prep is undeniably excessive. I check and double check. I try on, take off, try again. I pack, repack. I think, over think, freak out, relax, freak out again and eventually just settle in with the fact that this IS ME! I get ansty and on edge. I withdraw and don't feel like talking for periods and then I become talkative and annoying. At 41, I doubt I'll change much as I continue to compete. My mental and physical state is on overdrive right now. At 10 p.m. last night, I was crawling into bed. Instead of feeling dead tired, I had the energy to run 10 miles. I guess taper is working.
I could babble on and on some more about all the stuff swirling in this brain right now. Instead, I felt like scrolling through a few lost pictures of years past. Most are race related but not all. And there is most definatley no order.

2 of the boy's names in Coral along the Queen K

2008 Urban Epic Portland, Maine  - post crash on head a few miles earlier--- nobody caught me while I layed on the ground so I decided to go for it.

Run at Timberman 70.3
my sweethearts
2008 Post-massive crash finish--
Mary and I with our finisher's medals at 70.3 World Championships Clearwater, FL 2008
Finish line at Rev3 Half 2010- my awesome crew!
Rev3 awards- 2010
My family
Hot, Tired and my shirt is filled with ice. But with 1-2 miles before Alii Drive, I was a happy happy girl!
previewing the ride to Hawi -World Championships 2009

Post-Mooseman 70.3 2009 with my brother Jeff

Cameron and  Tommy with Nick after their first 5K


Kim said...

man, that urban epic bike picture is so bad ass ange. you really should order a copy and frame it. total badass.

ann said...

great pics!

Kim said...

YOU KILLED MOOSEMAN! cant wait to hear the race report!