Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is anybody still reading this???

Summer is here and I am never home!!!  I can't believe the last time I wrote was my Mooseman race report. 
I guess I'll just try a brief recap and see what I can remember. I'm going to brainstorm a real interesting post for next time. In fact, I think I already know what it'll be.... Something I meant to write about last week. 

For now, a few blurbs about what's up in my world.

Working backwards-- my brain will remember better that way. 

I'm on a psuedo-vacation at my favorite place on earth. I could travel around the world and I am certain my heart would always choose this very spot as #1.

Except, the signal here stinks. I just waited ~10 min for 1 photo to upload but it didn't work. I can't stay up that late so you'llh ave to take my word for it. This place rocks. The cottage originally purchased by my Great Grandfather sits at the furthest point  on a neck into the ocean. So, our little piece of heaven is surrounded by water on the coast of Maine. It's quiet and peaceful. The only people here are the next generations of people I grew up with as a child when I was here with my parents.  The ocean air is therapeutic- there's no other way to put it. I can't do without it.

why are we here? Mom and Dad were so awesome to share the cottage with us this week. My kids are at their first ever day camp while I knock of my final Big week of Ironman training!!!!  It's SO close!!! I'm pretty sure the kids and I are 'livin' the life.' We get up, ride our bikes ( my 78lb mtn bike I had in college) 2 miles to their camp.  I spend the day training, eating my lunch on the shore, and....well that's it. I get them at 3:00 and we spend the rest of the day on the shore catching crabs, jumping off the wharf into the cold water, eating yummy food on the picnic table overlooking a sunset into the ocean and.....well that's it! Ahhh....it's awesome. I could live here all summer. 

Backing up....we got here Monday. I had landed at my house on Sunday night after 4 days in Lake placid training with 8 other athletes and my coach! It was a Rock Solid weekened.  I loved it and feel better than ever about my race coming up.

Last Friday we rode 112 miles followed by a 6 mile run. I felt 100% nearly the whole time. My pace was right on target.
The next day we hit the lake for a ~1.9 mile (??) time trial.  It was not quite a full IM swim. But we simulated a race start and went for it. I felt good....tired! But good. my legs were like anchors dragging behind me. The rest of the day we did an "easy" single loop of the course then a 4 mi run. I was pretty fried for this workout but it went fine nonetheless.  Mamma Bear ( or Bear Mama as the road really reads) definately ate a lot and grew by the time I climbed her the 3rd time! 
and finally, sunday was the big run. The 20 mile run on the race course. I wondered how my body would respond after feeling so beat up on Saturday. 
She heard my and responded beatifully. I felt amazing. I felt strong and steady and like I could have done the full 26.2 without much complaint if I had to that day. 
What made the weekend perfect was enjoying it with a few of my best friends, meeting some more really wonderful people and benefiting from the advice, support and guidance of my great coach, Kurt Perham.

Now....Wednesday my family had left home and flew for the first time in my hub's new aircraft. The guy  is addicted to planes and now we are able to fly all 5 of us here and there.  The ease of his new twin engine was pretty cool I must say. We left home at noon and by 1:00 we landed in Beautiful Chatham Cape Cod. The business trip took us to an amazing resort that I wish wish wish I could go back to for another trip.  I was there less than 20 hours but enjoyed it with the kids and Mark before I departed solo to Lake Placid.

See...told you  I was never home.

Other than that.... the boys are out of school. They have been since the 14th. We've been have fun at our camp every weekend.  I have been training my butt off week after week and feeling better and better as I go along. 

With the kids home, my days are no longer just mine. But this time with them is just a short little window. THey are growing so fast and I am constatnly reminded of that.

Coming soon...my post with a true horror story from a training day last week.  No matter how experienced, we can never stop paying attention. That was my lesson for the day.

I'll share with you soon.

Thanks for reading! I'm still here!!!


Jennifer Harrison said...

YAY! SO glad you are in your happy place...training is going well (!) and up at your vacation place in Maine. SOUNDS perfect!!!! :) ENJOY

GoBigGreen said...

Oh that is so exciting! Family time, the cottage and great training:) Love it Ange!

Kona Shelley said...

We are here still reading.:) Enjoy your summer!

Christi said...

I am still here and so happy you are enjoying your summer. It sounds like your training is just rockin' along. That is great!

Marisa said...

Sounds amazing! All of it-- training, weekend at LP, vacation. But I'm totally giggling right now about "catching crabs"...

Kim said...

glad to hear everything is going great ange! enjoy your happy place and that final push before IMLP!

Swimming for ME said...

Still here! Lucky for you that the weather has been perfect this week. Get out there and enjoy some refreshing ocean swims!

John said...

We're still here too!

Caratunk Girl said...

Ange, sounds like you are totally ready to ROCK IMLP!!