Monday, August 29, 2011

Swirling, panicking, rearranging, regrouping and not quitting

That's me right now. Trying not to quit. I'm trying trying not to give up and quit. 

Jury duty. I had the next month planned. It was all set. I was ready to put the kids back in school, clean up the summertime bags, and train my heart out. 

Last week I escaped from real life for 3 days with my husband and our two great friends. Their anniversary was yesterday and ours is today ( 13 years! ) so we decided to head off for a little getaway.  It was a blast.  We went to Newport, RI.  The days were spent, dancing, eating, laying on the beach, lounging in a rooftop hot tub, laughing about many things and not fixing snacks for the 5 boys  we have between us.  It was blissful. 

On Saturday and Sunday I paid dearly for my choice to sleep in. I needed to sleep in however. While our time in Rhode Island was a blast, we were up quite late and I was wiped when we got home.  I don't think I budged Friday night once I hit the pillow from 9:30-8:30. Ahhh...those mornings are rare.  However, I had a 4 hr ride + run + swim and my family took off for the island. ( our camp)   I didn't show up on the dock until almost 4:00!! Torture. I hate missing Saturdays.  We tied down boats, took in the toys and crossed our fingers as Hurricane Irene blew north. 

Sunday morning, I slept late again. It felt sooooo good to turn the clock around and leave the alarm off!!! But.... by the time I got up and ready for my 90 min run, the skies were swirling.  The rain came in bursts. I headed out and by the time I was 1/2 mi from home it Opened up. Serious serious downpours. It was comical actually.  It's just beyond normal rain.  But then, it mellowed. Then,  I was making a turn and caught something out of the corner of my eye. A Skunk!!! Why? Aren't they nocturnal??? Why was this guy up? Some guy saw me stop in my tracks and hollered to me from his window. "Everything ok???"  I gave him the thumbs up and told him I just had a skunk to dodge. Forget the hurricane, I didn't want to get sprayed!

I got by the skunk and then the rain came again and came on hard. Then the winds got narly. I was pushed back and forth. My 7:30 effort read 9:00 on the garmin. Lovely.  I just ran round and round so I could be close to home in case it got too wild. It was tolerable for the most part until the sky got Very dark and a massive thunder rumbled. I flew home.  Giant crackling lightning hit and more thunder.  Good timing. 

The day was a bit wild but not too bad. My family headed out for school supplies and groceries. Once home, the lights flickered. Mabye 5 x over an hour.  I hurried to vacuum, do laundry, choose 1st day of school outfits. 

And then, Crack! We heard somethind it was down for the count. The lights went off.

They just came back on a few hours ago.  Fun Stuff. The first day of school was cancelled. Snow day.  August 29th and we've used 1 of our 6 snow days. Pretty comical. 

Thirteen years ago right now, Mark and I had just said our I-Dos. We had a great wedding. It was a blast. The best day of my life for sure.  Of course,  I delivered 3 babies and those days top all but without my wedding to Mark, those babies wouldn't be here! So.... our wedding remains #1.   Our marriage is great and of course, like any other, requires work.  It requires patience and sacrifice too.  Just like they say, it's not easy. And yet, in the big picture, it's pretty easy to be married to Mark. I'm lucky.

However, instead of today being a romantic celebration of that best day of my life, we started it without electricity and 3 boys staring at me with that "what do we do today" look.

It was supposed to be a school day guys! A day for Mom to regroup after one helluva fun yet onthego summer. 

I decided to take them for new books at the bookstore with a coupon Tommy won at school last year. And Cameron to Olympia to spend his birthday gift cert from our friends.  On the way, I got the mail. And my panic attack began.

jury duty -  please report september 14th.


and....they may use me 15 days???!!!!! 

No need to tell me that it's my civic duty and all that. I'm fine with that. I requested a change of date. She barely looked at me.  I explained that my huband is out of town for a week during that time and I have no other childcare for my 3 kids. Big deal.  Yeah, big deal.  They're my Kids!  And, I explained that I will be leaving for a giant trip before that time period is over. Whatever lady.

People ask me how I manage all this training. I work from home. I train in the wee hours of the day. I balance it by getting things done while the boys are at school so I am not absent all weekend. My husband runs a business and is often gone until 9-10 p.m. and he leaves by 7 a.m. each day.  I am the one here.  This duty starts as he departs for a week.  So, I have no available wee hours or after duty hours. I have no after school childcare before I am their after school child care. And yet, this duty goes until 5:00.  Cool.  That weekend, I am coaching a soccer game for our youngest. My oldest has a game out of town that same day.  My middle and oldest both have games on Sunday. And yet, they are in different towns at different times. And now, I'll need to fit in nearly 11 hours of training those two days. With my husband out of town. Hmmm....  

Last spring, I was mailed questionnaire about jury duty. I had a feeling it was imminent.  I was clear and said, "I would be happy to serve. Please give me any dates after October 17th."
Yeah, September 14th. Thanks guys. 

I cried. And I panicked. And I decided I was screwed and my race on the Big Island wasn't to be.  I need the hours to train if I'm to do well.  It's the final two weeks and they've stolen my time.  All so I can sit and decide why someone did or did not do something terribly wrong. 
That just feels wrong to me. 

Now, I'm a bit less panicked but more irritated.   I am guessing there are many who just try to get out of it. People who are dishonest.  I am being 100% honest and willing to serve, just simply a few weeks later.

Trying not to let my head swirl too much.  Instead, I will do what I can do. 

It Will be ok. As Nick told me, in his 7 year old wiseness, "Mommy. It'll be ok. Things always seem to be ok and work out." 

Why is it that kids are so smart?


Molly said...

(I always read and never comment - sorry!) OK seriously, I got out of jury duty by telling them I was training for an Ironman. It's NOT an excuse they hear often so it works. I had to go in person on my jury duty day and when they asked us to explain why we couldn't serve, I told the judge I was in training for IM X on X date and I needed to travel to the race and it takes this much time to prepare and blah blah blah. They totally let me off. So do not despair!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

2x with Molly about reading

There is a chance they wont even need you, they might do your quick interview and decide not to use you, that happens to me everytime I been sent in. There is hope still, I would also write in to the courts, explain your issue, someone, somewhere should have a heart

Beth said...

Just say you know someone in the trial and you are out! Or present some kind of major bias and again - out! ;) Either way, I know it will all work out!! Hang in there Ange!

Christi said...

I wish you the best of luck and hope that everything works out well.

Michelle Simmons said...

I've been called several times but never actually served... I've always sort of wanted to, but you're right... NOT RIGHT NOW! When you go on the 14th bring evidence of your (prior) travel arrangements and they'll let you off I'm sure... :)

Marisa said...

Twice I got called for duty, was not selected for a case, and was dismissed before 4pm. Once I explained that I attend births and cannot miss work and got a pass. I wouldn't talk about childcare but I agree with everybody who said to bring travel documents. Maybe even bring an article from the paper about your IMLP performance. They have to give you a pass or a later assignment. And if none if that works and they refuse to listen to reason talk to the voices... LOUDLY.

Jennifer Harrison said...

OH ANGE! This is easy....I got called once and told them that I believe in the full death penalty and I am a full blown liberal and just went on and on in my typical dramatic ways and they NEVER CALLED ME again. honestly, you don't have to lie, just be aggressive in this way. Lawyers will FREAK OUT!!!! Horrible timing, yep. It WILL work OUT.

AND, this whole thing of the kids not going to school on their first day - OH MAN. just glad everyone is ok but HOW stressful indeed.

YOU need a hug ! OR a drink!

JenniferLeah said...

Gotta agree with the advice.

Kim said...

this is a non negotiable. kona or bust baby.

Ben said...

there has to be a process to have it moved. Rachelle easily got hers pushed back here in Boston before we found out we were moving.