Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Feel GOOD!!!!

Those sick days earlier this week are in the past and I am ready to race!!!! My workouts are done and the bags are about to be packed. I swam this morning and felt smooth. Just now I ran a quick little jaunt down Ali'i Drive and felt awesome. Fresh, light, fast and excited. I am here to knock off another 140.6 and then dig out the snorkel!!! 

Race # is ready for me!!

The underwear run this morning on Alii.

The boys and I had breakfast at Lava Java.

I made small talk with last year's World Champ.

Cam and Tommy in their new Ironman hats and free shades. :)

A few shots as we drove around.

The guys spent the evenings writing about and drawing fish in their journals.
I'm feeling the pre-race nerves and getting ready to hit the lava fields. Can't wait to get this party started.


Marisa said...

Go go go go go!!!!!!! Yahoo!!

Molly said...

I saw you at Lava Java! But since I read and rarely comment I felt weird saying hi - will be out there to cheer you on Saturday though - have a great one!!!

Unknown said...

I just got done telling Cait Snow good luck, and now it's your turn. Run your race, enjoy the clear water, the big clouds, the beautiful scenery. When it gets hot, remember it's just another part of the challenge. When you get tired, just remember you get to sleep when youre done. When you get hungry or thirsty... eat. In fact, do that before you get hungry or thirsty!

You know all this already. Just have a great race. we'll be rooting for you.

runningyankee said...

YEA! have a great day tomorrow. so excited for you. :)

Caratunk Girl said...

GO ANGE GO!! I can't wait to stalk you.

I like who you make small talk with :)

Unknown said...

Geez Ange, 10:26?!?! Youre a freaking rock star!