Friday, December 30, 2011

Closing out 2011

It is definately true that times goes faster the older you get. Another year is just about over. I'm sad to see life move along so fast and yet, it's hard for me not to smile as I think back over the past year and what might be ahead for 2012. I refuse to think about my children's ages and what that means in terms of "years left" with them at home. I just can't go there. It makes me too sad.  I pull my hair out day after day but when push comes to shove, there is nothing on earth that makes me happier than time spent with my boys.  In the Triathlon/ racing world, 2011 might have been my best yet.  I feel so incredibly proud to say that. After all, I'm only 10 days away from turning 42.  I am on a mission to prove to myself that age doesn't matter. I know I know, eventually it does. And truthfully, I've been feeling a little creaky lately.  But..... 2011 was an awesome year for me in the world of racing and that's what I'll head into 2012 thinking about. 

Here are a few snapshots of different parts of our year.  Wouldn't it be cool to have a photo, just 1, from all 365 days? Maybe I'll do that some time.  Ha... not likely. But to somehow capture the Whole year...that would be cool.

 @ the Luau in Kona, Hawaii
 My race bib from the Charleston Marathon 1/15/11 - big PR day for me 3:10.  Now I can put the marathon up on a shelf for later...
 XC skiing with the kids. ( we Need some of this snow again!!)
 One of many fun ski days at Sunday River
 Lunch break on a ski day
 last day of school 2011 ( heading into 6th, 4th and 2nd)
 what is Up with my hair? it looks like I have a mullet
 We enjoyed  many sunset water ski runs at camp last summer
 The boys with my Dad at Wolf Neck on the 4th of July
 swimming at the Neck...
 Post- Mooseman Half Iron--
 Ange & Mary on the podium at Mooseman ( 1st and 3rd age group)

 post- long run cold water soak at wolf neck....the perfect recovery
 while the boys searched for sea creatures I enjoyed the view.. .heaven on earth

 Check out this sign-- Does it get any better? Not for me.  This was out on the Ironman Lake Placid run course. 
 Pre Ironman Lake Placid with Mary
 Deep into the day... reaching inward for whatever I needed to get to that finish
 my Hug
 skipping ahead! Post - Season night out with Mark and great friends!
 still digging in Lake Placid...up up up that hill one more time
 From my Neice Audrey :)
 Ahhhhhhhh..... I did it. Quite possibly the BEST finish line feeling of my entire life.  10:18 , 2nd overall. 

 Now I'm out of order... pre Jingle Bell 5K with the gang
 Island memories!!!


It's been a great year. Our family is all healthy and we're together most days.  I don't think  much else matters!!  I'm excited to head into 2012 for more fun and success for everyone. I hope!! That's my plan so I'll do my best to make it happen.
As I said, New Year's is not only the start of a new calendar year but a few days later I turn a new age. It always makes me stop and think about what I'm doing and if I am happy with how I am doing it.
Time for some goal setting and planning for what's next.
For now... I get a few more quiet unstructured days with my kids. Next week, I'm excited to be travelling south to Puerto Rico with my husband. A week alone with Mark? I honestly do not remember the last time we did this when a race wasn't involved.  It's not a full vacation. There's some business involved. However......  I think we're pretty lucky for this quiet getaway so we can step back and regroup for what's ahead. Life with 3 boys and 2 businesses is always hectic and always interesting. I'm going to use these days alone to take a deep breath and get ready to give them all I've got for the year ahead. 

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Mary IronMatron said...

I love this post! It was a great year...
Your performances at IMLP and at Kona... just so studly and amazing! And I love the family pics and the pics of US ! xoxoxox
Here's to 42 and another great year...

cheryl said...

Ange - I am supremely jealous of the beauty you get to live around in Maine - wow! I know its pretty, but those summer photos are amazing. I guess that's good , to make up for some tough winter months (which are also beautiful, just tougher). You had a great year - congrats! enjoy 2012.

Marisa said...

Happy New Year!!!

Laura Wheatley said...

Great post!! Congrats on your awesome performances this year, and here's to another happy, healthy, and fast 2012!! :)

Kim said...

happy new year ange! you had one heck of a 2011, and i am so looking forward to seeing what 2012 will look like for you!

ps can i please have your guns?

Christi said...

What a great lookin' year! I wish you the best in 2012!

Have a great time in Puerto Rico!

Beth said...

Love all the pictures!! What an awesome year! Have fun in Puerto Rico w/your husband Ange!!

Karen said...

Ange, you had one awesome year! I love the signs from your kids and niece - too cute! Hope you have a great new year and Happy Birthday!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Congrats on a GREAT year for sure! All the best in 2012 and have fun in the sun next week! DREAMY! :)

John said...

Love all the pictures! I think you should definitely do the picture-a-day thing. Isn't that what cell phone cameras are for?

P.S. Congrats on a great year!

Beth said...

Wow, that was a fabulous 2011! Happy new year!