Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little boy love

Two posts in one day! The last one doesn't count. I didn't write it.  I found that article this morning while searching for a video....A video to use in a little talk in front of a few friendly faces. 

I watched a movie with the kids the other day and in it, the main character said that you only need "20 seconds of brave" to get through some things.  Just go for it.  Well... how about 8 minute? I need to be brave for 8 minutes on Monday night. 

I could stand on the blocks ready to swim an event in front of 3000 people and it wouldn't bother me in the least. But, Monday night I will be sitting in front of nearly 300 people, talking. About myself. That,my friends, is causing me great anxiety.

I have been practicing and planning and thinking about my talk for a while now. And can I just tell you how SICK I am of talking to myself about myself??!!!   I imagine I will get through it. I hope. Speaking in front of people makes me hugely uncomfortable....  I am quite certain I am going to forget my name, why I am there, and nearly every last sentence I have been rehearsing for the last 3 weeks while driving to the pool at 4 a.m.  Yes, I will sit there, shaky and red faced. Awesome. 

And yet.. I have my 3 little supporters. At least this week. Get this.  I was driving the kids home from school yesterday and we were discussing track practice. I told them that next week, they have to miss both nights. One night they have a school committment and the other night, I have this meeting/ presentation I am referring to. They asked about it.  I reminded them how Daddy and I go to this meeting annually. Each year, they have a presentation or a performance.  A few years ago it was Seth Wescott. ( You know, the 2x Gold Medal Snowboarder Cross racer from here in Maine.)  They said, "Oh yeah... Cool!!" ( They got a signed poster. :) )  I told them, "Yes, that was cool. Well, this year, it's me. I'm one of the people talking." gulp.

Without blinking an eye, Cameron said, "So..what's the difference?  He entered a race and won it. You've done the same thing."  Then Tommy piped in, "Yeah! Except you had to work for over 10 hours and his only lasted minutes!"  Nevermind the fact that HIS race happened to be the Olympics and he was in the process of winning a GOLD medal!!! haha.. yes, just the same guys.
:)  Not sure where all this boy love is coming from this week but I'll take it!. Thanks kids.  I'll pull from this during those weeks that I feel like Mommy-- public enemy #1.


On another note... IT'S RACE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Maine's season opener is Saturday morning!! I can't wait! It's a fast and furious and full of Strong competition!!! A super quick 525 swim in the pool, 11 ish mile bike and then a 3.1 or so trail run to finish it off. 100% GO GO GO GO GO from the gun! We shall see!!!

Race wheels are on, new bike is sparking and I'm ready to let 'er rip!!!


Marisa said...

That isn't little boy love, it's little man love. I'd listen to those wise little men-- they know what they're talking about.

Pedergraham said...

I love your "little man" stories as I have only "little women" stories. Good luck in your presentation and your race. I look forward to recaps from both!

Pedergraham said...

I should say Little WomAn!

Christi said...

Your boys are very smart and very correct!

Have a great race!

Hostpph said...

To everybody. I have the same problem. I am really nervous when I have to speak in front of a lot of people.