Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Saturday morning I logged into Facebook before I headed out for a ride. My friend and old Coach, Jen Harrison, had posted something on my wall. I'm grateful for that because I doubt I would have seen this otherwise. 

Honestly, I am humbled and blown away by this.  To be put on a list with the likes of Karen Smyers, Paula Newby- Fraser and Natasha Badman is just .... unbelievable to me!  I work so so hard to be the best that I can be.  Last year was a pretty amazing race season and to have this type of acknowledgement means a lot.

I don't have a big post to go with this. I'm just very happy and honestly, pretty excited. It definately fuels my fire to keep pushing forward!!! 

Masters Athletics
Ironman Hawaii - Triathlon All-Time Rankings


Triathlon All Time Rankings

- Ironman Hawaii

Ironman Hawaii - W 40 - 44

9:30:47Karen Smyers AUS1:00:125:02:243:22:272005
9:31:21Natascha Badmann SUI1:07:045:00:283:16:442011
9:32:05Beate Görtz GER1:09:264:58:403:18:452011
9:43:25Samantha Warriner NZL58:445:04:093:31:382011
9:50:35Fernanda Keller BRA1:06:305:19:503:18:332006
9:51:40Paula Newby-Fraser ZIM56:145:16:543:32:542003
9:51:41Susanne Davis USA1:00:325:27:423:17:152011
10:00:52Wendy Ingraham USA 55:295:27:573:31:372005
10:01:06Eric McCarty USA57:325:20:013:34:562011
10:03:06Donna Kay-Ness USA1:04:495:15:093:37:282006

10:04:15Sandra Patt SUI1:07:565:28:373:21:192011
10:05:24Missy LeStrange USA1:01:105:21:383:42:361993
10:08:43Amy McGrath USA1:06:055:38:003:18:202010
10:12:00Lynn Keane USA1:09:315:25:253:29:422005
10:15:05Lisbeth Kenyon USA1:03:105:23:223:42:152009
10:16:06Karen Smith BER1:06:035:37:443:24:452010
10:16:30Michelle Boyes AUS1:11:365:22:123:37:332010
10:17:22Diana Hassel USA1:06:335:15:523:48:152010
10:17:55Marijke Zeekant NED55:555:32:233:45:391999
10:18:29Belinda Granger AUS57:435:16:253:59:062010

10:18:43Shannon Donley USA1:06:415:09:393:56:302011
10:20:06Kathy Winkler USA1:03:595:32:213:38:232006
10:20:15Sofie Dovren SWE1:01:575:23:013:47:552005
10:20:36Peggy Yetman USA1:15:285:46:293:13:072008
10:24:02Sophie Van Biervliet BEL1:15:335:24:553:36:432011
10:26:00Angela Bancroft USA1:04:415:37:153:34:572011
10:26:48Terry Martin-Duvel USA1:04:385:31:073:44:342005
10:27:03Tanja Buehlmann SUI1:07:295:31:553:40:442009
10:27:05Sophie Whitworth GBR1:04:395:31:333:42:002011
10:29:02Dianna Ineman USA1:10:465:10:243:56:342005
10:29:11Sue Mellsop NZL55:325:47:333:39:402008

10:29:22Tina Eakin USA1:16:175:36:593:29:012011
10:29:30Britni Bakk USA1:04:345:40:133:40:212007
10:29:32Sylvie Dansereau CAN1:14:425:27:033:42:222008
10:29:57Ruth Bradbrook GBR1:04:095:27:543:49:202010
10:30:33Leslie Sanderson CAN59:175:41:523:41:532010
10:30:57Cordula Gruber GER1:03:115:30:383:47:192005


GetBackJoJo said...

THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so proud I know you! Just awesome!

Christi said...

WOW, that is great! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I'm one of Jen's athletes now and have caught on to your blog through various avenues. This is awesome and very inspiring. Congrats!

Pam said...

Rock on with your bad self!!!

maria conley said...

Omg, that's awesome,Ange!! You are a bad ass girl!!! Congrat's!!!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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