Tuesday, July 2, 2013

TriMoxie Training Camp 2103

Last week, seven TriMoxie athletes gathered in Paris, Maine for a small training camp.  While our small group traveled quietly on the hilly back roads of Maine instead of on athlete & vehicle crowded race courses, this group made a lot of noise. Each and every one of these athletes came ready to work.  When we were done, I closed the door to the house we rented and smiled. I knew I had a tough group, but these people all impressed me more than I could have imagined.

What did we do at camp?

We gathered as athletes, we talked things over and we trained. We bonded and developed new relationships.  As coach, I saw things from people that can't be seen through email or training peak's logs. I saw heart and soul and determination. I saw grit and toughness. I saw that these folks have what it takes. Whatever their goals, they will achieve. I believe it. And I hope they walked away believing it too.


Marisa said...

Thank you for a great camp!

Hong said...