Friday, June 6, 2008

And we're off.....

Time to hit the road to New Hampshire. I'll leave after lunch and begin the 3 hr drive to the Mooseman International. I've heard a lot about this race for a few years as my brother and lots of other Mainers usually take part in it. So far this week, I've been hearing about the freezing water and hoards of mosquitoes. Hmmm, great. There has to be More to this event. I'm sure of it. People love it and keep going back for more.

It will be a different type of race for me. I'll be bunking in a cabin with 3 other great friends. One is actually my little brother too and that'll be fun for us. My family will not be there. That is highly unusual and a bit disturbing for me. I need to collect myself on that one. I want to make them proud and bring home some good results for them. I will focus on that.

The nerves are setting in. I'm starting to feel that uneasy feeling in my stomach. The "what is going to happen out there" feeling. I get to this point and I really just want the gun to go off.
I'm bib # 5714. I hope to see you out there Danielle!! I guess a bunch of us bloggers will be there! I hope to meet all of you. Please say Hi. I'll be hanging out with the woman you all know as Ironmatron: Mary. I know her as my great friend from High School and Jr. High for that matter! We go way back. I am really looking forward to some good quality time with her. Yeah Mary!! Can't wait to see you!!!!
Good Luck to anyone else out there who is racing this weekend!! If you're not, you probably have some super long hard fun workouts planned for the weekend. Enjoy them.

Here in New England, it's been cool (50s) and rainy for most of the week. The forecast for the weekend is Hazy Hot and Humid and in the 90s!!!! Not too much of a change for us. And we have to Race in it after training in the cool stuff. It's sure to add a bit of a challenge. And hey, we're triathletes, we all love a good challenge. Otherwise, what's the point!? :)
Back with a race report in a few days.


Pam said...

Don't worry the lake is gorgeous, clear and smooth and the course has a lot of shade. Its BEAUTIFUL up there. Good luck!!!!!

Alina said...

Good luck! I can't wait to see how awesome you are going to do. GO ANGE!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, and have fun!!

Judi said...

Holy shit - you are fast. I just saw your finish times. Man oh man. You are a rock solid bitch! :)

13 freaking minutes to do 1500m? I am so so so slow.