Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nice way to end the week

I finished out a hard training week with an intense brick. I rode 40 hard miles followed by a 5 mile run. Not too far....just hard effort. I had to talk to myself during the ride to make sure I put in the work. It woudl have been easy to step the effort back a notch after yesterday's epic ride. My butt was sore! However, I did my job. I pushed pushed pushed. I forced myself to drink my new favorite fuel: Hammer's Sustained energy + HEED. I am really working on my nutrition and making sure I take in enough along the way. I want a steady state of energy not a catch up game as I feel the need.
After Another foggy ride I was home for the semi-quick transition. A few hugs from my boys, a bathroom break, and a "how can I run now?" to my husband. I mean, my legs Must be dead. I hit the road and headed up the .5 mile hill. 4:10...hmmm...that's pretty good! It's usually 4:38 when I am fresh from bed or 4:20 or so after other bikes. Ok...mile 1 was over 7:00...but I stopped to talk to my in-laws. Good. I felt very smooth. My legs were Not tired!?? I ran the 2nd mile, waaay under 7:00. Cool. Still feelign strong! How can it be? Mile 3 faster again! I ran the last mile and worked it but did not kill myself. I just felt completely at ease with my pace. My legs were 100% with me. No wobbly aches. 6:22. WTF?? That can't be. I am still checking my watch. Did I cut a few corners? Did I miss the 2nd part of hte loop? I'm incredulous. I went home and bounced around the kitchen in disbelief? I am truly amazed at how the body can adapt to hard work. I am so proud of my 38 y.0.....birthed 3 babies, 2 surgeries later body. I think that's part of the reason I love this sport. I am tacking thigns that I never ever would have thought possible a few years ago. It is a blast. Just when I think I am going to fall apart or fall asleep, a good workout tucks itself in there to keep me going.
On that note, it's time to lay down and get some rest. Ironman camp is only 3 days away. Now I know I'm ready.


IronMatron said...

Dude, your running is now unbelievable. Last mile in 6:20!? holy cow! And right after a hard ride and a 75 mile ride the day before???/ You are awesome!
Glad you got in that sweet run to keep your head and going and in the game!
I love my body too--as you said, so proud of the 38 y.o. body, scarred and stretched, but still able to do so much!

Marni said...

what a great weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go girl! Don't you love that feeling when you aren't counting on a great day but it just falls into place!

Have fun at your camp! I can't wait to hear all about it. You are sssoooo ready!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Awesome training! Great job running so speedy and have fun at your camp.

Judi said...

Ange you are a super hero!