Saturday, June 21, 2008

My new Record!

I did it... I rode 75.5 miles on my bike this morning! Yeah me! And it wasn't that bad! I was in a funk when I started.....5:10 a.m., total fog, and miles and miles and miles ahead of me. I couldn't imagine how I'd get though it. But I did. And I felt good! I'm a tad sore now but I'll be fine. The rest of the day was busy but fun as we went to camp and swam, went boating, ate good food and hid inside during a thunderstorm that amazed the kids. Good summer day. Now, I will re-pack the bike for tomorrow morning's brick and give it a go again.
Time for sleep!


Jamie said...

Very impressive! My butt hurts after 20 miles on my bike. I'll stick with running.

Beautiful day out today for sure.

Marni said...

great job...congrats!!!
In no time you will be finishing a 100-mile ride!!! :) enjoy this journey.
*how was the nutrition? All go ok?

Judi said...

Good job Ange! Long rides are awesome.

IronMatron said...

Yeah yeah yeah! You are going to rock that 112 miles and I can't wait to hear all about it!

LG said...

yay! for new records!! Just in time for you to beat it once again at training camp!!