Saturday, December 20, 2008

I thought it would be worse...

I've gained 5 lbs. Guess it could be worse. I finally dared to stand on the scale today. It wasn't first thing in the morning but it was after a run. It was probably fairly accurate.
I was afraid to see the number.
I can lose that quickly right?
Probably if I stop sneaking those Mr. Goodbars from the Christmas candy dish.
And stop stealing sugar cookies that my kids decorated.
I am a little obsessive about my figure. Not really my weight. I haven't even stood on the scale since before Worlds. But I just Knew things felt a little different.
I hope I can find the right combination of food to make me feel good each day, to give me the energy I know I need, and to satisfy my simple joy in eating some foods. Like peanut butter. And chocolate. And coffee.
New Year's goal: lose 10lbs. Not goal #1....Goal #1 is personal. This weight thing is just one of my Tri goals. I want to be sleek and strong and ready to fly. Just get me to Dec. 26th and I Promise to stop eating treats!


IronMatron said...

I think we need to get past Jan 1! Don't worry, it will come off. You really needed to let go for awhile, and that's part of the process! I refuse, refuse, refuse to get on a scale until several weeks into hard training and a good diet. I can't face the music. That's just the kind of girl I am... hahaha.
miss you-

Swimming for ME said...

Oh please! You can totally do that in the first 2 weeks of training!

Jennifer Harrison said...

5 lbs...that will be taken care of in no TIME! Especially once the weather shifts.....just enjoy some R&R until the big party starts on 1/1. Merry christmas!

Marni said...

THe best thing to do around the holidays is to maintain weight. Rather than looking forward to 2009 in order to lose the holiday weight, just keep on using healthy habits and enjoy a little of everything and look forward to an increase of training and less snacking in the new year :) I'm sure you will be fine and with all that Ironman 70.3 training, it was probably just a little bit extra water weight that you didn't have with your high volume training. enjoy the holidays!

Judi said...

ange - you will lose it fast. we all probably gain and lose 5-10 pounds with training and during recovery. chill out. enjoy the holidays and get ready for 09 when we become IRONMEN!!!