Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A new day

That's over with. I'm done being sick. It was a quick one but not so fun while it was here!!!!!! I went to bed really early again and woke up feeling much better.
Sleep is underrated.
I rarely get enough but when I do...........it's magic.

I've been thinking about Ironman a lot today.

I don't have any specific deep thoughts on it.

I've just been thinking things like:

oh my god, what am I doing?
I hope I can make it.
I hope I can run the whole marathon.
I wonder if I am eating the right foods day to day.
What will the training be like?
Will it rain? (anyone at IMLP Last year will get this one)

These sound like self-defeating thoughts for the most part. I see that. I do think those things but I also think these things:

I am tough.
I Will do it.
I can't Wait to tackle the bad ass training this will take.
I hope I see my family at the finish line.
I know I will attack this race and want more.

And when I let my mind really wander and get to that moment, I get teary just imagining myself crossing under the Ironman arches into the finisher's chute.

Bring it on 140.6


Swimming for ME said...

I think I might have to come to watch it in person. I know YOU WILL DO IT!!

Kim said...

hehee you won't just do it. you are gonna KILL it! i cant wait to hear all about your 2009 IM journey. the feeling you get crossing the finish line is phenomenal.

IronMatron said...

alina, yes yes! come to LP! please if you can!
Ange, I love you. You are going to crush IM and head to kona. Mark my words. And i'm going to go too and be your sherpa. I have it all planned out.

Judi said...

i get teary eyed too, when i think of myself crossing. if i watch any IM on tv, I am bawling when they cross the finish line, lol.

happy 2009!