Friday, December 26, 2008


through the air.
that's me.
I keep Wiping out!!!
Darned ice.
I headed out for a short Christmas run yesterday and wham! Right in my driveway. Flat on my butt. I also hit my knee and it is SO sore and swollen and bruised. Very nice.
Today, I flew again. I was 1 mile into a 6 mile trek. I landed Hard on my ass again and it shook my whole brain. I'm sure I looked like a crazy cartoon character.
Despite my pain, I ran on. I had to focus on each and every step on my icy roads.
Ahh, winter in Maine.


Swimming for ME said...

Ouch! Ange I don't know how you get up. I'd be done for after the first fall. No blood this time? :)

Judi said...

2 words - yak traxx.

i just got some. google them. a good investment if you want to run in snow and ice.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Yes, Santa brought me Snowshoes (which we don't use much in Chicago b/c well, it is SO icey/cold here and busy!)....AND (yes, Judi!) Yak Traxx too! LOVE THEM! Be safe!

Ange said...

just googled They don't hurt your feet when you run?
I think I'm going to have to look into these!

Kurt P. said...

ange, go to your local hardware store, by the shortest (1/4 inch) sheetmetal screws. drill a small pilot hole (2 in front, 2 in back) of your shoes and thread them in. u wont even feel them, but on heal strike and toe off, they offer just enough purchase to keep from slipping.