Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 Happy Moments, Proud Moments, Challenging Times, and things that made me Tough!

My turn to look back on 2008. I am not going to post any resolutions this time. I'm going to remember 2008 and think about some moments I won't soon forget.

I think we can all say that things happen in a year that make us stronger. Things that make us proud. Things that are truly challenging but somehow, hopefully, we overcome them. And, the best, things that make us happy.

In my 2008 year of sport, here are some of my moments.

February at the 10 mile midwinter Classic- turning around at the finish to see my husband running in 10 seconds behind me! That was cool. He's a great runner/athlete hadn't really been training. He "secretly" ran Hard behind me that day and made it the whole 10 miles. I was psyched for him...impressed really.

May - PolarBear Sprint Tri- Overcoming a certain competitor on the bike leg! the BIKE leg! Me!? Passing her on the bike!? Oooh, big thrill there. I actually ended up with fastest bike split that day! Again, me? cool.
Same day-now a challenging moment- Finishing that thrilling bike leg by Falling in a heap at the dismount line (I'm SO cool) and then getting passed moments later by aforementioned competitor. Ok, time to learn toughness. I got to T2, admired my bloody legs, and hammered on. 2nd place is pretty good after all. I didn't melt into a heap and feel sorry for myself after falling, I keep moving and ran hard despite a tad bit of pain. Lesson on toughness #1 of the summer.

June -Lake Placid- riding my first century. I conquered 116 miles of Ironman course hills. Longest ride before that was 75 mi. I even ran after! Big day for me. I knew I was on my way. Big confidence builder.
Same weekend-moment that made me happy-spending quality time with new friends. Another major benefit of this sport. Great people!

July-Urban Epic Olympic Tri-this was a big one for me. Lots of lessons/moments at this race.
#1-I can hold my own in power packed elite swim waves. I must be confident and remember that I can swim hard..this is where it all started after all.
#2-that same swimmer Can meet her match in the water. I had a moment learning how to stay calm-I got stuck under the buoy on the course because of a Mean current. I was literally trapped underwater and Feared for my life. I have Never been scared in water like that. Ever. I was very scared. I called for help with a breath. I came free at that moment and thanked God. Truly. Next wave: course changed.
#3 Challenging moment-I hit my brakes upon missing a turn and flew head over the handle bars. Yes same race as almost drowning under buoy. Ok, I flew over bars and landed on my head. On my shoulder. At that moment, while I layed in the road determining if I could still remember my name, I almost quit the sport. My kid's lives flashed in front of me. I want to see them grown up. Head injuries are not worth tri racing. I was sick. I was in pain. I was scared. I couldn't move my arm. I was bleeding. bike parts were everywhere. Time to learn more toughness. No one was near me. No one. I called, no cried for help. nothing. So, what's a girl to do? Get up darnit. I got up, loaded my bike back up, and hit the road. I still had not been passed by a girl, or a guy. So, Go!!
Shortly thereafter a friend came by and I said, "I hit my head! :( " Looking for sympathy here. Instead, I just kept racing. After a while, I got my mojo back and was able to push on.
#4 Happy, Proud moment in same race (told you this was a big one) - I ran hard. I ran well. I held on despite total pain. I Almost beat a girl who is an elite amateur. She is young and amazing and this is what she does with her life. And she only got me by 5 seconds!!!! That made me happy. If only...nah. can't live that way. I know what I did that day. And because of that day, I am a tougher person.

August -Looking up at the beach before diving in the water at the Maine State Tri. Mom and Dad were there to watch. Surprise. They absolutely rock. World's best parents. I'm a lucky girl and just Hope to be there for my kids like they have been for me.
Same day-Fun moment-slopping my way through knee deep mud on the run course of this race. How can you not Love that! We All had to do it my sister in-law pointed out and she ran along doing it too, just to cheer me on.

August Timberman Half Ironman-
Happy & Proud moment-coming across the line, totally spent, and hugging Mark. "I think I won honey." He smiled calmly, "You definately won." (my age group that is.....= spot in Clearwater.)

September Lobsterman Oly Tri
coming out of the water...first woman....ahead of a superstar swimmer who kicks my butt when we swim together. I have no idea why. But I'll take it.

November World Championships in Clearwater, 70.3
Crossing the finish line with a 14 minute PR
Hugging Mary when she crossed the finish line with a >20 min PR!
Spending Great time with Mary, Andy and Mark at Worlds

There were so many more wonderful moments in 2008 in my triathlon world. So many. I had so much at races with my dear friends Mary and Alina, I grew closer to many new friends and am so thankful for all of them in my life. I even got to know some girls whom I have been racing for a few years and have found new friends in them too. This sport is so great that way. Cut throat on the course but just a great group off people off.

I am fired up for 2009. I can't wait to have many more moments that will help me to be a stronger person and tougher competitor. Even if that darned birthday has to happen this week. I like what Mary said. I'm not young. But I'm not too old either. Bring it on!

I forgot a couple! Not sure how I could forget these:

November - Worlds Award ceremony- My proud moment- standing on the Giant stage with my face and name on the jumbotron while holding my Mdot trophy over my head with the other winners in my age group. Amazing moment for me.

July-Proud and happy moment-watching two of my boys compete in an "Ironkids" race in Lake Placid. They Rocked and had huge smiles the whole time!

July- STanding on a picnic table at MIrror Lake watching the start of Ironman 2008. I was so proud of all my friends heading off on their wild day in the rain and truly moved by the image of all the athletes heading off on such a tough tough day. And soon, that will be me.

I think I could list 100 more moments. So, it's time to lock them away in my memory and move on to 2009!


Swimming for ME said...

I am coming to watch as many of these races as I can...especially the Polar Bear Tri. I just love to watch you race and dominate!

Looking forward to the Masters meet... will you swim all 9 events or 5? I watched the CEHS girls tonight and boy did it bring back the memories. Miss you!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

Great recap of the year. I wish I could remember the past year, but it just went by so fast. Good luck in 09

Marni said...

great moments!!!
2009 will be great for you!

Rural Girl said...

Very nice post. 2008 was great for you. Here's to another awesome year in 2009!

Jen said...

Awesome! A lot of accomplishments! Wishing you a wonderful 2009.

IronMatron said...

and to boot i bet you are in the top 50 in the country in your AG. I know you're close! Have you seen the rankings? Not complete yet, but soon.
it was a great year! glad I got to share it with you. :)

Zach said...

Congratulations on your great year! I'm sure 2009 will be just as awesome.

Happy Birthday!

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