Monday, April 13, 2009

All the way to Connecticut

I rode to Connecticut last week. On my bike! My husband impressed my kids by telling them this over dinner last night. "Mommy rode her bike to Connecticut last week."
Go Me! I rode almost 200 miles last week. That is definitely a record for this girl. I realize it is not that impressive but I just started this sport 3 years ago and this is my first year of Ironman training. I feel damn good about that little piece of trivia!

What's happened around my house is not so impressive, however. Major clutter. Major dust. Does anyone else dust by just blowing on it? Is that really bad? Maine has been really dreary for weeks now. Cold, cloudy, rainy, and dark. Every 6 or 7th day the sun peaks out for a little while. I am like a flower in that I quickly turn my head to the rays and just soak in the warmth. But when I turn and look around my home, ooops, dust. The bright sun reminds me of how remiss I've been with my housework. When I figured out how to fit this training into my life, I failed to remember time to do that stuff. All I worried about were the kids and other family events. Today is a day to catch up on life. I am running around scrubbing sinks, folding laundry, blowing dustballs off table tops, and blogging. :)

One more thing today. I was on TV last night!! The World Championships 70. 3 in Clearwater, FL was televised last night. I was So lucky to find this out! For some reason I had my cell phone on while I was home. I came into the kitchen for a minute and heard it beep. Marni texted me to tell me to watch Rigth now on NBC. Cool! All 'chores' were dropped and I plunked myself down to watch my big race. I never watch tv in the daytime..on a Sunday. I had to get reassured by my husband a few times that it was Ok to stop moving for a little while.

It was fun to see the scene again. To remember the feelings I had that day. To relive it all. Mark was sure he saw he and Andy (Mary: Ironmatron's husband) standing at the swim exit. I did not expect to see myself or Mary. It just never works out that way. But....There I was!! Except I had no head. Really. At the end of the show they show Terrenze Bozzone at the finish line again. Then they pan to the age groupers chugging along. It was one of those shots from the ground up where they fail to show the heads of the people up close. I knew what I was wearing and since I'm quite familar with my body as well, I knew it was me. About 10-15 steps worth. It was fun to see. I was moving along better than I felt at that time!!!


IronMatron said...

Wow! I can't believe you saw yourself! (even if you were headless...:)
I was a little disappointed there wasn't more coverage of we Age Groupers!
Congrats on the 200 m milestone. That's truly awesome. I, for one, am impressed.

MaineSport said...

Nice job on the milage. Hire someone to come in occasionally for the dust bunnies. On last night's show, I was bummed I didn't get into Kona. I always think I'll win a lottery of some sort.

Melissa said...

I DVR'd Worlds. I am really looking forward to watching that. I'm very impressed you road 200 miles. I thought 100 was far enough!

Chloe said...

Holy cow! Congrats on that awesome milestone!

That is so cool you where on ABC last night! We actually came home ealry from fishing so I could watch it!!

Swimming for ME said...

How fun!!
And to CT... that is just unimaginable to me.
Great job Ange!