Sunday, April 26, 2009


The mean stinkin' virus that invaded my chest for the past few weeks is finally gone! Well, mostly. I still entertain my neighbors with a quick hack from time to time as I run by their homes.

A week and a half ago, my workouts started suffering. I didn't really know I was getting sick. I am not one to let myself 'admit' the sick bug has actually captured me. I really honestly don't have time to be sick. So I ignore it as long as possible. At least, I try.
The first day I noticed a problem I was scheduled for a fairly long Brick. 60 miles + 30 min run. There were some hard efforts in the middle of that ride but I honestly can't remember the details right now.
I woke up feeling a little achey. Whatever. I totally ignored it.
My friend was in town that day so he cleared his schedule to do the workout with me. (also training for LP) This guy is very strong and in great shape but you know, I can usually hold my own and keep up. Not that day. Grrr. I was irritated. And discouraged. Why was I so slow? Where was my energy?
Later that day I had a Baaaaaad sore throat. And some chills. And a headache. Oh ok. So I have a cold. Fine. I took lots of emergen-C. Some stuff that has worked before. I went to bed early. Not that that's new for me.
The next day I felt pretty blah. I had a recovery ride and got through that without much ado.
And then I thought I had kicked it. Sweeeet. Ha! I'm too strong for a cold to get me down. good. No worries.
But, then a cough appeared. I hacked and gagged my way through a sleepless night. Shoot. But I felt ok!
I tackled a few more workouts with great determination. However, my usual zip was not there. I was weak. I was slow. I was behind everyone. And I-don't- like- that!! :) I'm a tad bit competitve....all the time. For better or worse, it's just me. But when people whom I usually go faster than, are flying ahead of me, I get very discouraged. I just didn't have it in me.
At that point, I finally admitted that yes, I was sick. I was really not myself. This nasty bug rolled through my body and hung on for dear life. My cough was deep and loud and nasty. It was vicious.
One day I had a coughing attack while my son Cameron, stood by. It felt like a creature with 5 arms was alive in my throat. The need to cough arose before I had time to fully inhale a breath. It was bad. I even sucked on my inhaler a few times. Cam just looked and said, "should I call Daddy?" It was that bad. I waved no with my hands, unable to talk. pathetic.

Finally, I recovered. I started to feel fresh again. the headaches and achiness went away. LIfe was better.
And since then I've had sweet revenge on those nasty unsatisfying workouts.

My favorite....a Fabulous 100 miles on the bike!! First of the season. Second of my life! I was alone, the weather was beautiful, and I felt strong. I hammered along without ever feeling fatigue. Ahh, that's better. Confidence is back. Sometimes it only takes one good day to kick away a few hard ones.
Today I had a fun fast brick. THings are changing. Short rides are what my long rides used to be. Today was 50 miles followed by 35 min run. I pushed through the bike...through cross winds and headwinds. I hit the road and really needed a good run. I got it. I felt so light and strong and pain free.
Cameron will like this. After my 100 mile ride, I "bragged" to the kids. He simply replied, "Mommy. I think you better work on your run now. You are really tired after you do marathonts." Got it Cam.

Now, I rest. Rest week ahead with a glorious massage in the middle of it.

I will cap the week off with my first race of the season. Bring. It. On!!!!


jamie said...

Way to go! Nice when things get on track in time.

Swimming for ME said...

I had the same virus this week. Yucko. Glad you are better. I want to come up and watch this weekend!

GoBigGreen said...

Nice work and glad you are feeling 100%. And dont you LOVE massage? I cant imagine doing what i do without them!

GetBackJoJo said...

Was last week just sick week, or what???? I was sick as a dog too, but I kicked it pretty fast b/c I actually took two full days off (not in a row, but still...)
Andy got my viurs, though, and you should have seen him on the century this weekend! I thought he'd cough up a long for sure... not pretty at all.
I'm so glad you kicked it, finally. :)COngrats on your century! Yeah!

MaineSport said...

You're tapering for Polarbear!? Are you kidding? Your target race is IMLP and you're tapering for a season opening sprint?! I'm looking forward to greeting you as YOU cross the finish line.

Ange said...

no, not tapering for Polarbear. Its' rest week STeve!! I get one of those!!! :) It just coincides with polarbear very nicely!!!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

We're battling germs here too. Yuck! Cool getting in a great Century ride & getting rid of the virus. Coughing hurts. So glad you're feeling better before your event. Best to you!

mjcaron said...

We do have to give in on occassion. Then we come out feeling so good. I'm facing a 67 miler by myself this weekend (your short ride). I'm happy to see that you did 100 on your own. Gives me confidence.

The Lazy Triathlete said...

I am glad you are back to feeling yourself (maybe that did not comeout right?)--Feeling good.

Good luck on the first race of the season.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Glad you got over being sick - I hate that -it always comes when you most want to work hard and are in the thick of it Enjoy the rest week!

MaineSport said...

Rest, taper, call it whatever you want. I'm sure it's no coincidence it comes just before this race. Personally, I had a really hard 3 mile run in 25 minutes this morning.....