Friday, June 19, 2009

Lake Placid Training Camp

Last weekend was so much fun.
Four days away from real life responsibilities.
Four days with great friends.
Four day of swimbikerunning.

Just what the doctor ordered.

Re-entry was a big tough this week. My systems was thoroughly shocked. The last week of school was filled with lots of errands, a myriad of appointments, a trip out of town for my husband, hours of swimbikerun pre-dawn, and we must not forget picking up the pieces from being gone for 4 days!!!

All worth it however. Camp was the perfect transition into my final phase before Ironman USA. Peak Training. Here we go.

Last Thursday I wiped away my tears (yes, always cry when I leave my kiddos) and headed North West with my friend Mike. We actually met an hour from home at a grocery store. We loaded up on food for the trip and off we went. We had a good 7 hr ride-including a nice 30 min ferry ride from VT to NY and before we knew it we were hugging Mary in Lake Placid.
Ready to go.
FIrst up: easy run. I hadn't been able to move all week. Racing Mooseman left me feeling spent. I left my heart on the roads of New Hampshire. Now, I was ready to see what I could do in New York. A group of 5 of us trotted around Mirror lake at an easy pace and I was relieved to see my legs Did actually work again. Phew.
Dinner at a pub with more friends who arrived later. Great way to end day one.
Day two started with us all excited to SLEEP IN! But...7:00 and we were up. Oh well. That is pretty late for most of us I guess. When the alarm goes off at 4:33 most days (the 3 min past 4:30 make me feel better), 7:00 is late.
We had a long breakfast at a nearby diner and chatted strategy & nutrition with one of our team coaches. It was odd to start the day this way. Usually hours are logged in training peaks by 8 a.m!
After much debate, we decided on an easy 40 mile ride. I wasn't into this. I was hoping for an extra swim. I felt 112 the next day was adequate. But I was overruled. Turns out this was a good thing because at mile 10 I flatted. Mary and Kiely decided they wanted to turn around at this point and that was fine with me. We headed home where I changed the whole tire on my bike so it would be ready to roll on Saturday. Glad the flat was out of the way--in the end good that we rode.
The next few hours were nice and lazy. Mary and I even sat by the pool!! More team members arrived and started to prep for the first official event.
The swim.
I love swimming in Mirror lake. Following the buoy line is perfect! No need to sight! Now if I can only get myself to it on Race day!!! That's my goal. We'll see. I'm sure I'll get clobbered more than usual since there are 2500 people at once in a skinny lake.
I felt great in the water but it was looooooong!!!! My goggles were still tight from racing at Mooseman and by the 2nd loop my eyes were bugging out. They hurt! Anyway...I did the swim in about 58 min or so. Not sure. Under an hour is all I know. It felt good.
Mary and I ran a little loop around the lake after then hurried back to prep for dinner.
Then bed. Unfortunately, I did Not sleep that night. Not sure why. I just layed there thinking about all sorts of things. I could feel how tense my shoulders bed...this is not good. Finally, Saturday rolled around and it was time to ride. And ride. and ride. One of my biggest "fears" about IM is losing my mind from boredom on the bike. Ugh. After 80 miles I'm done! I just get so sick of it. Gotta get over this.
Mary and I rode and rode adn rode and from time to time we had others with us. It was nice to chat with people from time to time. that's one bonus about trainign in a group!
I was tired. I felt the need to close my eyes while riding. Bad sign. I also got a late start with my nutrition. I am not sure what caused me to hold off for the first 45 min-hr but this was a mistake. But hey, we learn from our mistakes and that is that.
The ride was fair. I had some pain in my knee after mile 54 or so. It tweaked a few times and then I did some easy spinning while climbing back to town for the 2nd loop. Spinning and climbing-interesting combo. We refueled at the hotel for the 2nd loop and had a nice boost from all our supporters there. Love that...imagine a training ride with people telling you "good job-have some more Heed" the whole way through. CAnt' beat it.
The 2nd loop was pretty good. The terrain isn't as bad as I had remembered. There are actually flat areas on the course. This is good. I thrive on flats. I faltered towards teh end and really felt the fatigue from the night before and my caloric deficit. That's ok...lesson learned.
We prepped to head off on the run adn I couldn't imagine how I'd feel. And the thought of a marathon. Ouch.
But hey....I felt good! How is that? Who knows but I'll take it. Mary and I cruised along sub 8 min pace--desperate to get back to Real Food!! We fantasized about burgers, frozen margaritas, and well, that's all I remember. that's what I wanted anyway. Ended up with yogurt, trail mix and water-but I'll take it!
The group coaches were there to give us high 5s and fill our ice baths for us!!! Literally! they ran into our rooms and ran the tubs and dumped ice for us. That was great. Felt like a spa for triathletes. To be catered to like that-to be reminded to take time to nice. For a Mom of 3 who is "ON" the second I return from long training days...that was a real treat.

I nearly tipped over from exhaustion at dinner that night. My eyes were bloodshot and I could barely focus on a conversation. Bed by 9:00. Lesson learned. Course examined. Long solid workout only one week post Half Ironman. Success.

The final day was a half marathon. we were entered in the race so we could run the course. The roads were clogged with the racers so we figured we'd join them. I ran slow. I felt ok but did not push it. I just took a long aerobic run pace. I needed to have legs to attack this week of training.

Now, my legs are back. I have had several great nights of sleep. I am feeling strong and ready to head into the final push.

I'm getting excited. And nervous. But mostly excited. I can tell I'm almost ready. Almost.


Mama Simmons said...

Sounds like a great weekend!
I did Lake Placid a few years back and it was so crazy foggy at the start of the swim that you couldn't even see the first buoy! Nutso! Hopefully you won't have that this year... :) Ill be cheering for you!

Swimming for ME said...

Oh yeah you are sooo ready!! Let's do another training swim next week. There is no substitute for me now.

MaineSport said...

It's great you did the trip. I'm sure you learned plenty of lesson first hand- the best kind. And going through all of that will definitely calm the nerves the next time you make the trip- for real! Don't worry about the swim start. You're better than 2400 of them. Start up front and get away from the masses.

IronMatron said...

Oh... I want to go back. It was fun!
And don't you feel so much better now knowing the course? Ahhhh....
I'm glad you are feeling good and back at it!
(of course you wrote this before that three hour run today! haha!)