Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family fun

We had tons of summer fun this year. I was lucky to squeeze in lots of good times with my family despite my hours and hours of swimbikerunning. Here are a few glimpses: First day of School!!!! (oopps...thought we were on summer fun mode. School started too early! Right in the middle of this stuff in the pictures!) Grades 4, 2 and Kindergarten! How did my kids get so big??

Cameron's 10th Birthday at camp 8/23

riding bikes at Wolf Neck

Nick's driving the boat at camp.
We took this of ourselves at bedtime at the cottage. Not sure what's up with the fingers. He had a little thing with the 'peace sign' for a while.

Nick at Wolf Neck...

Cam's in the middle. He turned 10 last week. Tommy's up front...age 7. Nick's in the back..age 5. Posing for Mommy...very patiently

Ahhhh... My secret getaway. Thanks Mom and Dad!! And Grammie and Grampa!!!

It's a nice rainy day in Maine. I say nice only because I needed this day "off." Yes, a day off from fun. From 100 mph fun. This is the first weekend since Lake Placid that I haven't packed for a trip and headed off somewhere. We've had a blast for the month of August. A vacation at the beautiful spot photographed above, a trip to another gorgeous resort in Maine, and several trips to our camp on the lake. Perfect summer fun. Today I needed to be home. To chill. To fold all the laundry from all those noted trips. I'm happy to say the past few days have been ridiculously productive. I have totally cleaned out the boy's playroom and two of their bedrooms. I have touched every single little item in each room and either tossed it or found a home for it. And then I rearranged. I have cleaned all the bathrooms, vacuumed long lost nooks and crannies, and made a lovely list for Mark. Yes, he gets projects too!!! I feel better.

So now, I ready to crush a few tough weeks of Kona training!!!! No more dead legs. Ok, so maybe dead legs but it'll be for the right reason. I'm moving on and closing in on this massive adventure and challenge. I can't believe it. I am going to Kona!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jennifer Harrison said...

AH, there is are back, I can now hear it in your voice! good. CUTE pics! What a nice summer!

MaineSport said...

It looks like the housecleaning also made it to your blog site. After the recent weather, I loved running in the rain today!

GetBackJoJo said...

Ahhh. Nothing like a little vacuuming to make things right. I would've loved to see you the last few days "cleaning up". I bet you were moving 100 mph. I have this GREAT image....
And of course Mark gets a list!!! haha!
Love the pics. Happy b-day to Cam!