Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fighting Back

Today I proved to myself that I am in fact still and athlete and I am in fact still capable of crushing a workout.
I inadvertently overdressed. When this brick started at noon, it was cool and overcast. I had worn a sweatshirt at my son's soccer game and when we got home, closed windows. I decided on an underarmour shirt, a bike shirt over that and ha, a jacket! (just remembered I forgot @ that jacket....ooops). You see, about 3 miles into the workout, I hid the jacket under a rock. I left it there. Better get on that tomorrow.
Around mile 5, the sun came out and it got Warm!!! I decided to leave the extra shirt--my lame at attempt at acclimating for Hawaii.
I was heading out for a 50 mi ride with a 30 minute T run. Not bad at all. There was some hard interval work tossed in the middle.
I found the perfect roads after 15 miles of warming up and went for it. I hammered out the next 40 miles. (went a little far 'cause I missed a turn.) I pushed and pushed. I was hot and thirsty and feeling the surprise heat we had today. This was good. I will feel this next month. I never hit a wall and my legs never felt like quitting.
Now off on the run. I have been suffering on my runs lately. Glue. That's the best way I can describe the feeling in my legs lately.
My ankle didn't hurt. My foot didn't hurt. I took small steps up the hill and then let myself go. I wanted to test myself.
I had it.
Finally, the Garmin started working! (it was broken earlier this week it seems...)
Instead of seeing 8s, I saw 7s. Instead of 38......45.... I saw 30....15. good stuff. Ok, my HR wasn't exactly where it was supposed to be, but I slowed it down and calmed it down.
My energy for the sport came back. My drive.
I had an angry-frustrating start to the day. This took care of it. I had sadness and envy that I wasn't racing this morning. This took care of it.
When I got home, I was totally happy. I felt like myself again. A hot sweaty tiring hard workout. this sport!
My husband asked me with trepidation, "how was that? the run?"
"Good." I simply smiled and said, "yeah...I felt good."
really? He couldn't believe it. He knows I've had a hard week.

And that's that! Funny how all it takes is one solid day to prove to yourself that you aren't falling into a deep dark rut. Also funny how the brain tricks you to think that you are sometimes. I just needed to regroup.
Now I'm back.
Kona watch out.


Jennifer Cunnane said...

GO GET EM! YEAH! So, sent facebook msg wondering how ankle is, glad its better. Maybe its just better to try those tough workouts solo because you "race" alone all day when doing an IM. You are almost there...

Jennifer Harrison said...

yes! EYES ON THE PRIZE....the local races will always be there...and you will be there lighting them up in have something coming up that few get to, we focus on that....(with some fun stuff on the way)...and making sure that foot & ankle is where it needs to be! YAY

Jennifer Harrison said...

LOVE THE PINK on the blog (I will pretend that is for me). xo

MaineSport said...

Ye of little faith....

Marni said...

Great ange!! So glad you are bouncing back. Better to play it smart and go in undertrained than to not enjoy yourself while in Kona. You have the fitness, no sense hurting yourself.
Thanks for all your kind words!! You are so sweet!!!

Kim said...

yay glad to hear you are back into the swing of things! kona wont know what will hit them in a few months!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

The mind & emotions are fascinating & amazing. I loved learning the tiny bit I did about sports psychology at the USAT clinic. I could have sat & absorbed that topic alone all weekend!!! I'm happy to read that you had a solid, strong, kick-it workout! That feels good.

IronMatron said...

Okay, I'm the only one here to say--I MISSED YOU AT THAT RACE!!!!!!!But, I understand...sniffle. sniffle.
Just kidding-and I'm so glad that brick went well!! I thought of you grinding it out as I raced. I had a breakthrough run too that day--so we must have been psychically connected. Or maybe it's just that five weeks needed to pass before we could run again??? OF COURSE you're back. I expected nothing less. :)