Thursday, April 21, 2011

This is how I handled it.

I love the picture of Nick on my blog header. It screams, VICTORY to me. And yet, I am craving a photo that screams warm, sunny, springtime fun. I can't post one of those however. Because it's not spring yet. We're still freezing here in Maine. Literally, below freezing. I had snow on my long run today. Boo hiss. It didn't effect me at all other than to make me a bit grouchy and irritable.
That's not what this post is about.


My long ride + run was scheduled for Wednesday this week. Just like Last week, the forecast was horrendous for Wednesday. All week, the weatherman kept stressing, "wind driven rain. Possible snow/ sleet /freezing rain. Temps in the upper 30s, low 40s."

I am not going to let anyone tell me I am a wimp. Because I am not. I can tough out nearly anything. However, there are times when I need to be wise and safe. I honestly believed that if I sucked it up and went out in that nastiness, that it would be dangerous. That's not worth it to me. Because despite the fact that it seems like my kids don't listen to me 90% of the time, I do know they need their Mommy.
That, and my workout would have been junk. It would have been survival instead of quality work.

Thankfully, my workout was moved to Tuesday afternoon. I was extra lucky because this is vacation week and I had babysitting planned for each day. It's not easy to move a 4 hr event from one day to another. My husband was eager for me NOT to ride in the forecasted nastiness so he was more than willing to help me. He came home a few hrs early on Tuesday so I could start my workout by 3:30.
I realize Many many people train in the evening hours after a hard day at work. I am spoiled with my schedule and am able to do most things in the wee hours of the day or mid-morning. I am not a late day person. In fact, I admit I've become one of those wives. You know, the ones who try to stay dressed in regular clothes until her husband comes home. I hang in there until he comes in the door. "Hi! How was your day? {insert a kiss and some small talk}" It's only minutes before I scurry off to change into my sweats for the night.

Not that day! I pushed off before 3:30 and was ready for a quality workout.
Not much to note at first. I rode and rode. I was smiling a lot because it was sunny. I was a bit too warm. That felt good.
5:30 rolled around and I wished I was home.
6:00 came and went and I realized how HUNGRY I was. It was dinner time. I had my gels at 1 hr, 2hrs, 3 hrs. I drank some water. I gulped on my bottle of EFS, a few times. Each time, I took quite a bit in.
As hungry as I was, I wasn't too thirsty. My energy was fine. I had timed my meals well during the day and knew I was adequately fueled and yet, I also had avoided eating a bunch right before I headed out.
At times, I worried that I wasn't getting enough sports drink so, I took in big sips. Throughout the ride, I only had 1 bottle.
It was cool and my body said that was enough. I think it was.

Then the fun began. I got to the 2:45-3 hrs point of the ride. My back ached. My neck was sore. My shoulders were stiff.
I am not used to riding aero outside yet. I have been working on staying in that position for most of my rides. It just takes time. At one point, I stopped and just arched myself backwards to open things up. It helped.

And yet, as the clocked ticked on, things got worse. My stomach got invovled in the fun. It was tense and tight and sore. My whole upper body felt like a knot. It hurt. It made me slow and unhappy. I was upright in the wind too much. This has happened before. Quite a bit in fact. I end up with a very sore stomach. It gets painful.

Finally, I rolled into the yard after 3 1/2 hours. I could barely stand upright. I had 5 min to change and get out for the run. It would loosen up once I did that. I was sure. I greeted my gang. They were in their pjs and running around. Oh how I craved to join them.

Only 30 more minutes of running.
Out the door...
and that was it. I stopped in the driveway to gather myself. I could barely take a step. Running was Not happening. I was in agony. So much pain.
I just walked up the hill instead and hoped it would dissipate.
After 3 minutes, I turned off my watch. Reset.
I laid on the ground. That might help.
I clicked STart and tried again. I couldn't run. The pain was up into my shoulders, my arm. It kind of scared me to be honest. It was that bad.
This went on for the next 30 minutes. I was Determined to do that run. My Legs felt light! Fresh! They wanted to run!!
I walked/ ran (well, trotted) on and off and never even got around the 1 mile loop I had planned to do x 4.
I went home and slammed my hat on the table.

Failed. I had failed that run. Mark was concerned and offered me chicken. I read that now and laugh. CHicken? Are you kidding? I can't even walk! I just blew a run off the bike! If this happens during Ironman, I'm Screwed! Chicken?
poor guy. Just bad timing.

I went upstairs and laid on the floor of my living room. My son bopped around me asking me questions about how to spell Cube. What?
After about 5 minutes, I thought I felt a bit better! Really??? NOW I feel better???
I was so mad.
It was 7:30 p.m. Bedtime for the kids! Time for Mommy to Re-LAX on the couch for a bit before bed.
Not this time.
I grabbed some clean socks, told Mark I'd be right back, again, and I left.

I could run. I felt FINE! Yay! My legs were good to go. I ran and ran. After about 10 min, a slight pain came back, but this time I could push through it.
Finally, it grew dark and I was done.
It was not the 'within 5 minutes' ideal Transition run time, but it was close.

While I have no idea what happened, the theory is gas. Now, that's sort of embarrassing. Not very lady-like. But here's the thing. Why??? I hadn't just eaten. I was not over stuffed. I have lost 7lbs recently and am being Very careful with my food.
This has happened before. (not as bad---always able to 'run it out.' ) I have tried a variety of products. It doesn't matter.
After looking a few things up. I think it's this. I think I am swallowing air when I drink from my bottles when riding. A few hrs into it, the pain starts. I could feel the big bubble when I laid down. I read that drinking quickly from narrow mouthed bottles or straws can cause this.
Has anyone else had this experience? Heard of it? Know of magic bottles that prevent this issue? Thoughts?? Am I crazy? Wait, don't answer that.


Beth said...

UGH!!! Annoying! Have you tried over the counter products like GasX or anything like that? Might be worth a try...

Emilie said...

Well don't let anyone tell you that you aren't persistent. Good work!

And yes, this Maine "spring" is wearing me right out. It has to get warm sometime, right?

Mary IronMatron said...

Oh this is great! :) ha! I totally get that gas pain.. I had it during IM last year! And yes, I DO think it is from swallowing air when drinking from the bottle!
TUMS. That is what I have been using lately. It takes a bit of time, but it does the trick. I'm bringing some with me for IM, no doubt.
More importantly, you DID it in the end. You rock. I so understand why you needed to do that run.
Also, I get the late day thing. I can't do late day either. And I can NEVER do night. Andy can swim at 7:30 pm. That would kill me. 5:00 am? yes. 7:00 pm? never.

Pam said...

Way to push through!!! Your perseverance is inspiring!!

Marisa said...

Love this post. Love the fight.
Totally agree with the diagnosis. I've been thinking of solutions (deal with lots of gassy infants at work) but most are silly and colorful and not exactly appropriate for this forum. If I come up with anything at all realistic I'll let you know...

GoBigGreen said...

I Get gas when i train on an empty stomach then take in sugars/gels. For what its worth:)