Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time to get Tough

I was scheduled to do a long ride with a quick transition run tomorrow. However, the forecast is for 'wind driven rain with a possible mix of snow in the mountains (that's us) and highs in upper 30s/low 40s.'

I trained for IMLP '09 in LOTS of rain. Lots and lots and lots of rain. I honestly remember Most of my 5-6 hr rides were done in the pouring rain. I can hack it. Honestly, I can. But in April, with possible snow and temps like that? I don't think it would be a very productive workout.

Thankfully, my coach agreed. So today is the day! The forecast is great! Nice warm temps and sun. And, it might be breezy.

Um, HELLO! The flags and trees are swirling! THe kids and I decided that this is Not our definition of breezy. It's actually hurricane-like.

I am having major talks with myself.
"STOP whining. Where is your toughness? GET over it! It's just wind! and Cold! Big deal! "

walk through hall, kick feet on floor, growl

Ironman racing is hard. Ironman training is hard. It soaks into every aspect of your life. You are forced to be more aware of your daily nutrtion, your sleep, your activities when you're not training and your attitude!

This is huge. I will write a separate blog on this one later. If you let all the tough moments of training get the best of you, you'll fall apart. The hardest conditions make us tougher. The hardest workouts aren't always the ones that challenge our bodies the most. The hardest workouts might be something as simple as a run on a day that you feel tired. It might be a swim in the lake when the water is rough. It might be a ride over two mountain roads with wind that makes you stand still. If we could all write the perfect race day forecast, we would. Let me tell you, those ideal days are rare.

Instead of focusing on how disappointing it is that it's 55+ degrees only one hour from here and my temps are dropping, I am going to smile instead. Because my ride will be harder. And that gives me an edge. I will have to fight through the elements today in order to stay positive. If there's one thing that fights my spirit the most, it's wind.
I don't love the heat, nor the freezing cold, rain is a bummer and humidity is brutal. But for some reason, it's the wind that wakes my demons.
The wind seems to have it's own spirit. And it often feels stronger than mine.
So today, once again I'll don 3 layers of clothing and head down the road. I won't log as many miles as I would if it was calm and warm. But I will fight for control in my head. I will find the place in my self that allows me to be strong and resilient against the weather that wants to push me backwards.
These are the days that make you better. They make you tough.
They get you to the finish line.


runningyankee said...

awesome. just awesome.

Beth said...

This is why living in San Diego is for the birds!!! Too nice and easy there. You will be tough as nails come race day, no doubt about it!!! Way to go Ange!

Christi said...

Go fight those demons!

cheryl said...

yep, go get it Ange!

Michelle Simmons said...

I et it about the wind! Oh my. There have actually been 2 days here this winter where I started riding in the wind and then turned around and came home- I'll ride in it if it's up to ~30mph but stronger than that and tree branches start flying around your head and it's just flat out not safe. But yes, I don't think there's been a day where the wind hasn't been blowing 20mph here all winter/spring. Go get it, Ange!

JohnP said...

You stole my post!

Hah - I just wrote about me committing to a crazy windy ride.

Yours is way better though! I love the attitude! :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

HA! Just get out there and ride, Ange, after Hawaii, there is no such thing as "windy"! :) And, I was just telling Jerome - I have yet to race in great conditions lately...every race has been something challenging! Have a great brick!

Mary IronMatron said...

The wind has its own spirit... it wakes my demon.
That is PERFECT! Exactly! The heat and cold aren't alive.. they just are.. but the WIND. It's alive and fighting!
Hope it was a good ride. :)

sallyaston said...

How about "the wind is your training partner?" LOL. Bet you dont want to hear that! :-) It's a reminder that training for an IM is way harder than race day itself. Hope you had a good workout!

Kurt P. said...

wonder if it could be 60F and windy in Lake Placid...in JULY. Maybe!

The Flemish use a phrase that is translated as : "dont look to the sky for motivation"

If it calls for training, we train. simple.

Marisa said...

Love it.

Caratunk Girl said...

Ange, this is so awesome and 100% true.