Friday, May 23, 2008

Was it a Breakthrough or were they just good days?

I am feeling great. GREAT! On top of the world GREAT!!! I had a week of blah. I just wasn't in the game. It baffled me a bit because I had just had a super race. I was so happy with my performance at race #1 of the year. Especially placing 1st on the bike leg. That was such a shocker for me. A HUGE improvement from last year. So then, why was I so apathetic? I didn't want to do anything. I went through the motions. I was tired of going to bed early and getting up early. I was just not into it. I wasn't excited about my next race either. That made me nervous. I had to get fired up! But,it just wasn't there.
I posted a few times airing my concerns. I had a bad run. I had a bad swim. I was doubting my training. I am grateful for all my blog buddies and their encouraging comments. It really helped!!
A woman I admire greatly, Bree Wee, suggested that maybe a breakthrough was coming. I don't know that I have experienced a breakthrough. Does this mean you suddenly see grand improvements in your performances? Do they stick?
I am choosing to think that is what is happening. I started the week with a short bike-run on Tuesday. Wow!!! I felt like I was floating when I hit the road. I ran a 6:50 mile with moderate effort. Usually, I see something like 7:15. Cool. I only did a few miles that day but I wanted to do more SO badly. In fact, when I got to my house, I turned around and sprinted back up the .5 mi hill just because I couldn't Stand to end that run.
I ran a loop on Wednesday that I do all the time. It is a rather hilly but beautiful 6 mile out and back. I usually do about 48" on a regular day. Sometimes 47" but that is when I'm feeling really good. My split on the way out is usually ~ 24-25 min. Not super fast but it's hilly so I know it's ok. Well, I checked my watch at the turn around on Wed and I was 22:57!!! What? I ran home and did the route in 45:25". Yeah!
The next day I swam. I did 10x200s and 10x100s. I wasn't doing them at 100% effort but close. About 90% I think. I brought the 200s down to 2:32 and the 100s to 1:12 repeated. This is faster than I've been swimming too. The increments in swimming is much smaller. I get frustrated by that. But, after all my years of competitive swimming I certainly know it is true. I think I just start accepting the fact that I won't be seeing the times I posted while in Div 1 collegiate swimming. It's hard for me sometimes. Last year at this time I was just barely back in the water after shoulder surgery so I am feeling very happy that I am down to 1:12s in the 100 and faster than last year at this time.

Are these breakthroughs? I want to think so. I want to have the confidence that brings with it. I want to feel fast and ready for my first Oly of the year in two weeks!!!! But what makes it a breakthrough vs. just a good few days? Who knows. I guess it's all up to me at this point. I have to believe in myself. Confidence.

For now though, I feel great. I am back. I feel motivated to train once again. I love it! I have a 3 day weekend ahead of me and I am planning great long hard workouts. I can't wait!!! Bring it on!

TGIF everyone!


Jennifer Cunnane said...

Great job on the workouts! I would be very happy with your results - speedy running - zooom! I also know exactly how you feel, I had a couple of off days end of last week and started feeling the same way. Sometimes, I think you just push through and then you see a breakthrough!

Kim said...

hi ange, im mary's teammate, and i have been lurking on your blog since you started! FANTASTIC job on the workouts! you are one speedy swimmer/biker/runner! what a great season you will have!

Marni said...

WOW!!! What a different post from last week :) Bree makes a good point, I never thought about a breakthrough or perhaps a brief plateu.
Congrats on some big workouts. You are going to fly through races this season!!

Anonymous said...

Heck yeah!!! I'm so happy for you and, what a great breakthrough!!

Enjoy your fun training weekend :)

LG said...

Yay for being back in the game!! So strange, I was going through the same apathy after my first sprint a few weeks back and I know Mary was too. I wonder what that is? Maybe all the training for months leading up to the first race, only to have the first race be so short?? But glad you are back & feeling strong & confident. You will OWN Mooseman!

IronMatron said...

So now I REALLY believe what Bree said. You definitely had a breakthough! I can't believe you can run an easy mile at 6:50.
That's nuts.
So glad the workouts this week went well.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Yes! YES YES. Breakthroughs are what keep us ALIVE and motivated to kill ourselves every day. YES, that was a breakthrough...and bottle those days up and experiences up!! YEAH ANGE!
Jen H.

BreeWee said...

It was a break through ALL the way! believe it, trust your hard work! More to come...

After the body is completely taxed, worn out, wants to sleep, maybe even slightly down-in-the-dumps feeling it must be rested. If you can rest it (recover it) it comes back stronger!

Way to hang tuff! I am so so excited for your first Olympic distance of 08! Enjoy your Sunday!